Sep 8, 2008

It seems we're having another one of those "is this a LittleBigPlanet [insert whatever]" sort of question -- same like what we've had over the weekend. There's no doubt we're excited to see what will become of LittleBigPlanet this October and most likely so are you, so even the tiniest information on the title will pique your interests.

Say like this supposed game manual for LBP. It's not entirely exciting on its own and if it were just any old game manual no one would care. But, this is the LBP manual -- the manual to one of the most highly anticipated titles for fall. Besides, it's got a lot of pretty pictures and it has a Sackboy on it. How can you ignore the adorable menace that is Sackboy? Check it out right here, read up on the instructions, and prepare for good times.


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