Sep 1, 2008

Looks like Project Abraham, getawarjob and America First America Only, three of the four Resistance 2 ARG sites, have been met their ends. There is nothing left on getawarjob, while Project Abraham left us a few clues. A letter in the inbox shows the Project has been stopped and moved from Alaska to Bryce Canyon facility, as well as an end letter from Dr. Aklin summarizing the work she has done. The last test subject, Kenneth Danby, was apparently released as well.

At America First America Only, a letter declaring "They've been on to us!" has been left behind. They are moving "further underground" and the last issue of their news letter, volume 7, is hidden away in their archives.

The only site remaining is SrpaNet, but we haven't had any luck figuring out the new login. Is the Resistance 2 ARG over until the release of the game in a couple of months? Or will there be more? Luckily for us, there is a Resistance wiki over at Wikia, and almost all the documents on the site can be reviewed there. Check it out.


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