Jul 9, 2008

That teaser site didn't have us speculating for long. Only a short while after it was unveiled, some sketchy details on what we can expect from The Last Guy have surfaced. From the sounds of it, The Last Guy will be another quirky, unique PSN title with an interesting art style. Sounds great to us -- that's exactly what we love about the PSN. There are conflicting reports with regards to the exact details, but the general consensus is that it will be a "rescue game" where the player is expected to guide people through a city to a safe zone.

Kotaku is reporting that there are zombies involved and that the game's environment will utilize Google Earth. PS3 Attitude says that the images are far higher resolution than Google Earth and makes no mention of zombies. It does mention that there will be VIPs to save, along with the normal plebs, which will obviously be worth more points. It's all still very vague but also very intriguing. We're expecting to find out more this Friday the 11th -- the date found on the Teaser site.


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