Aug 19, 2008

When they said that the PS3 would be a full-out entertainment system, Sony was not joking. The recently released PlayOn beta, the easy-to-use client which streams media from your PC directly to your PS3. This also supports Hulu, the free video streaming site which broadcasts a number of high-profile network shows.

However; there are a few problems with this, the files are poorly compressed; a single episode of 30 Rock is over 1GB which demands a hefty Internet connection. The codec is MPEG-2 so the quality is not top notch and when the 60 day trial ends, the service will ask you for $30. If all this does not satisfy you NERO will do the same task for you, but you would have to purchase the service after the 30 day trial is over so either way it will make you reach into your pocket for some change.

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