Aug 23, 2008

Confident Sony takes advantage of Bank Holiday as new SKU launches today
Sony has told MCV that the introduction of its new 80GB PS3 will rapidly push up demand for the console – as it brings the launch date forward a week to this Friday (August 22nd).

Following its flurry of announcements at the Leipzig Game Convention last night, SCE UK boss Ray Maguire told MCV that the platform holder is very confident in its new SKU – as it goes head-to-head with Microsoft’s 120GB 360 Elite and newly launched 60GB Xbox 360 Pro.

Maguire said that PS3’s “easily removable” hard drive sets it apart from its competitor, and claimed that PS3’s downloadable content is second-to-none.

“Our operations department in Japan managed to deliver the 80GB PS3 a week earlier than was originally anticipated in order to maximise the Bank Holiday weekend,” Maguire told MCV. “In terms of demand, we expect this to increase.

“Currently we have titles ranging from the Pixel Junk series and Siren Blood Curse, to Gran Turismo Prologue and Warhawk all available within the PlayStation Store – and looking ahead we have much to look forward to, with releases such as Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty and SOCOM Confrontation amongst others.

“Similarly, many of our upcoming Blu-Ray releases feature DLC and, with the importance of such content increasing with the releases of games such as LittleBigPlanet, we wanted to give consumers more hard drive space.

“Of course, for the hardcore users who need even more space, we are still very proud to offer the only gaming console with an easily removable hard drive – giving consumers the option to upgrade their memory as and when needed.”


So, looks like Valve cannot ignore the success of the PS3 anymore. Market Director, Doug Lombardi, critically sparked a bit of controversy when he repeatedly attacked the PS3's difficult development architecture, calling it a "waste of time." His studio refused to work on a PS3 version of The Orange Box, leaving it to EA to do the eventual PS3 port.

However, it looks like the continued success of the PS3 has the studio taking back some of his words. "We're always evaluating what's happening in the marketplace and certainly something that's happening in the last couple of months is that Sony's managed to sell some boxes," said Doug Lombardi to CVG. "So whether or not you like developing for that platform, if they've got millions of people connected to that platform and buying their games you have to take it seriously."

While there's "zero chance" for a PS3 version of the upcoming zombie multiplayer game Left 4 Dead this year, there's now a "50-50" chance that it will happen some time next year. While we're fans of Valve's work, we're not entirely sure if the PS3 audience will welcome them with open arms.


Aug 22, 2008

The console version breaks cover for the first time.

It's finally made its way to arcades in Tokyo -- and hopefully before long some enterprising arcade owners will import it out into other territories -- and now Street Fighter IV has made its first appearance running on an Xbox 360.

Retaining the glorious new ink and polygon aesthetic and reviving the spirit of the fondly remembered Street Fighter II, Street Fighter IV on the Xbox 360 is identical to its arcade counterpart in practically every way. Although there's one of Microsoft's subtly revised pads lying around, we took to the game the way it's meant to be played -- with a pair of Hori sticks -- and though we've already had a brief hands-on before, we're pleasantly surprised by the amount of depth at hand. While on the surface its Street Fighter II put through the polygon machine and buffed to HD perfection, there's an immense amount of depth bubbling away underneath.

Indeed, while many of the series' hardcore fans may have bemoaned the supposed dumbing down of Street Fighter after the technically exacting third installment, what we've seen from today's few bouts is that Street Fighter IV has just as much to offer. While it's perfectly possible to bound around the screen taking potshots as we did in our SNES-playing youth, there's also a wealth of extras and specials for the veterans to indulge in, with features like the focus attack and revenge moves proving particularly satisfying.

There's only the most basic of modes on offer for this early build, though we're told to expect a lengthier single player mode similar to that of Virtua Fighter 4 in the final code -- though as yet none of this has been confirmed. All the arcade characters are present, and are soon to be joined by Super Street Fighter II's Cammy, who's sadly absent today. Expect to see more characters unveiled soon -- and we wouldn't bet against personal favourite Fei Long to make an appearance -- and even after the game's release we're told there's likely to be more coming down in the shape of downloadable content.

As for when to expect the port to hit shelves? Our Capcom source tells us that seeing that the original arcade board is a PC in a box, and given that the 360 is a PC in a box, it's unlikely to be too long a wait.

We're hoping to head to Capcom's offices over the next few weeks to bring you fuller impressions, and stay tuned for our in-depth interview with the game's amiable producer Yoshi Ono -- who confirmed our age-old belief that Street Fighter is the thinking man's chess -- later next week.


Although WipEout HD is a PSN download-exclusive game, it looks like it may be priced like a standard retail game. A snapshot of the game's Trophy screen shows a Platinum Trophy for the game -- one that's reserved for full retail games. Shorter, cheaper games on PSN, such as PixelJunk Eden, Super Stardust HD and PAIN, do not feature a Platinum Medal. However, full-priced retail games, such as Uncharted, do grant Platinum Trophies.

With this evidence, we can postulate that WipEout HD will be available for download for at least $30 (the cost of Warhawk, downloaded from the PLAYSTATION Store). SCEA still hasn't announced an official release date or price for the game, but rest assured that the news is forthcoming.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announces today that it has partnered with the world's largest global WiFi community FON to roll out FON access points for a free internet browser via the PSPxFON collaborative service. Starting today, there are approximately 44,000 FON spots across the country and something like 2,200 in Tokyo alone. Via the service, it's easy to connect PSPs to download game demos, clips, wallpaper and the like. To mark the beginning of the service, there are downloadable goodies for upcoming PSP title DISSIDIA.


The video annoucement for the PSP 3000. Enjoy!

We're confused, Mr. Pete Smith, producer of upcoming platform-a-thon LittleBigPlanet. When we spoke to you during today's LittleBigPlanet breakdown session you said that "the game will have a global server." Now we hear that you told CVG something a little different. User generated content will be region locked? Normally we'd say "we're not sure who to believe" at this point, but seeing as both statements come from the same person, we're doubly confused.

Maybe you meant that the gameplay servers would be global. But what good is that if the people playing with each other can't access the same content? Will we be limited to playing with our foreign friends in one of the 50ish levels included on the game disc? Kind of defeats the point of the game, doesn't it? Sadly, we're not able to find out for sure until after the weekend, but rest assured we're actively looking to get confirmation either way.


According to a listing at the ESRB, the formerly XBLA exclusive puzzle game GEON: Emotions is headed over to the PSN. GEON's gameplay is somewhat similar to Pac-Man, where you collect pellets known as emotes on a two-sided grid. When the cube is charged after consuming enough emotes, you attempt to score a point by landing in the central area of your opponent's side of the grid. You also choose an emotion at the start of each match, which then determines which power-up gives you the strongest effects. Check the trailer for the XBLA version of the game, after the jump.


Prince of Persia has been revamped and cel-shaded and is evident in the video above, the developer of the game has graced us with a seven minute walkthrough to show you what the game will be like. The voice behind the Prince is non-other than Tim Schafer.

After watching the Killzone 2 multiplayer trailer, we wondered how much more fun the game's online mode would be without your typical multiplayer douche. Well, now we can find out! The upcoming FPS will, indeed, feature bots. These will be fully customizable difficulty-wise, and can fill in for players either online or offline, allowing any Billy-No-Mates to enjoy a friendly match every once in a while.

Additionally, vehicles are currently only available in the single player mode. Multiplayer vehicles will be patched in after the game is released. Also being patched post-launch is a co-op mode for the story. Whether this will be online or not, we're not entirely certain. Considering the long delay Killzone has suffered enjoyed, we're surprised this won't be included from the get-go. Perhaps we'll have to pay for it, but we're used to that by now, right? Be sure to check out our full Killzone 2 hands-on impressions, coming soon.

Update: Guerrilla has a history of making free DLC with Killzone: Liberation (PSP). They released an Infrastructure multiplayer mode and an extra single player level months after the game's release.


Did you try out the demo for The Last Guy yesterday? If you did, and if you liked it, you'll probably be glad to know this bit of news. According to IGN, The Last Guy will be available for the North American PS Store next week on August 28. As for the price, it's going to cost only $9.99 -- nearly half the price of the Japanese version which will release on the same day.

So make sure you play up that demo over and over again, and practice saving the herds and herds of people. You'll also want to check out Andrew's hands-on with the US version to prepare for the monster-dodging to come.


We had a video of the NES Emulator on the site a couple days ago and we thought we were doing a disservice to all of our daily readers if we did not show you how to run/install the PS3 Filer v0.0.3 with NES Emulation onto your Playstation 3.


  • Unzip the archive
  • Copy NES ROMs to the AVCHD directory
  • Copy the AVCHD directory to the root of a USB/Flash drive
  • Go to the device in the XMB video menu and launch “AVCHD”

    Download: PS3 Filer 0.0.3

    Thanks PS3-Hacks!

  • Eurogamer TV has just obtained a brand new trailer for Resistance 2. It doesn't show any gameplay. Rather, it explains in detail the sick, twisted alternate history of the upcoming PS3-exclusive FPS. See how the Chimeran attack against America begins here.

    If you're not a Qore subscriber, you may wish to drop the relatively small amount of cash for an annual subscription. Otherwise, it seems you'll keep missing out on special stuff like this.

    First, those who purchased Qore episode three were given special treatment when it came to the Resistance 2 beta (at least, that's what should happen in the very near future), and now, more special treatment for Qore members. According to DarkZero, Sony plans to release a playable demo for the highly anticipated MotorStorm: Pacific Rift with the next Qore episode on the PlayStation Network. You'll get to play it "a month before anyone else," because while the demo is coming to the PlayStation Store for everyone to try, it won't arrive until one week before the launch of the game...and that's not until the first of October. The fourth episode of Qore, on the other hand, is set for the first week of September. Well, at least, we assume that's when it will drop; the first three Qore episodes came on the first Thursday of every month, so that would put episode four on September 4.

    Many are anxiously awaiting the sequel to one of the PS3's best early titles, and in doing the research, we've learned MotorStorm: Pacific Rift should be bigger and better in every possible way.


    Two new passwords have been revealed for Metal Gear Solid 4. Inputting the access codes in the 'Extras' menu gives players two new weapons: Thor .45-70 large-caliber hand rifle and The Boss' Patriot from Metal Gear Solid 3. Here are the two codes, respectively: tshsniammr and pkhhnwhsjt.

    In addition to the new codes, there's also new music for the in-game iPod titled "Battle." It's a track from the Plant Chapter in MGS2. It seems Konami is really cranking up the fan service ... and we like it!

    When you have a title as long as Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, you don't really want to make an even-longer headline. This PSN-exclusive brings multiplayer arcade car-battling to the PS3, and we're in shock -- we were actually surprised at how fun this looks! With Trophy and YouTube support, we're going to pay closer attention to this potential gem in the PSN library.


    It looks like Qore has scored yet another exclusive for its upcoming issue. The PSN video magazine will cover games like LittleBigPlanet, Prince of Persia, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift and BioShock. However, more exciting are the Burger King-sponsored downloads. Qore purchasers will be able to get their hands on the MotorStorm demo a month before the general public, and they'll also get an exclusive LittleBigPlanet theme.

    Qore is available for $2.99 an issue, $24.99 for an annual subscription. Annual subscriptions include access to Calling All Cars.


    It looks like the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark really is getting quite a significant revamp. A number of changes have been chronicled at Gamespot, with the game's major changes coming from the controls. Edward, the game's lead protagonist is now more agile, being able to move around in a quicker less "tank-like" manner. A new camera will make things easier to see -- expect players to die less frequently on the PS3 thanks to the easier controls and improved camera.

    But that's not all. The innovative inventory system still returns, but players can now quickly select items with the D-Pad. Driving has also been far improved, with much more realistic suspension. Your female companion will scream directions during the much-too-confusing driving segments, assisting players greatly. Finally, the PS3 version will also get an added scene in the game's sixth act that takes place in the subway. "It involves a subway train, a large enemy, and lots of explosives--we'll say no more about it for now, for fear of spoiling it for you."

    Will all these changes help improve the overall experience on the PS3? We're hopeful. Expect more before the game's release in November.


    Aug 21, 2008

    Looking forward to the 160GB PS3? Then we hope you are not in Australia, for you will not be getting the configuration. Though the new 80GB configuration is still headed your way on August 28th for AU $699, which includes a single DualShock 3 controller.

    Now onto the good news: the wireless keypad attachment has been confirmed to debut "before the end of the year." PlayTV is also confirmed for Australia in the "first half of 2009." Though with the recent reduction in features, we wonder if you guys Down Under still want the DVB-T tuner peripheral.


    It's another massive week for store content. That shouldn't come as a surprise; after all, there is a major convention going on this week which has already dropped a ton of Sony-related news bombs and media nukes. Anyway, the store has been updated and here's the full list. Videos, Wallpapers/Themes, and Rock Band DLC are after the break.

    Playable Content

    • Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty Full-Game ($14.99)
    • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Demo (free)
    • The Last Guy Demo (free)
    • NFL Head Coach 09 Demo (free)

    Add-on Content

    • Hot Shots Golf Kratos Character ($1.99)
    • Haze Domination Pack (free)
    • EA Sports Fantasy Football Live Score Tracker ($0.99)
    • EA Sports Fantasy Football Live Draft Ticker ($0.99)
    • Dragonforce Track Pack ($6.25)


    • Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty Leipzig Trailer
    • PSN Leipzig Trailer
    • inFamous Leipzig Trailer
    • Warhawk Fallen Star Trailer
    • The Last Guy Cities Trailer
    • 2x PAIN Trailers
    • 2x Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Trailers
    • 2x Vampire Rain: Altered Species Trailers
    • 3x Madden NFL 09 Trailers

    Wallpapers and Themes

    • inFamous Theme
    • Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty Theme
    • 3x TNA iMPACT! Wallpaper
    • MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Wallpaper 2
    • Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty Wallpaper

    Rock Band DLC

    • Devo - "Girl U Want" (new original recording) - $1.99
    • Devo - "Through Being Cool" (new original recording) - $1.99
    • Duran Duran - "Girls on Film" - $1.99
    • Duran Duran - "Rio" - $1.99
    • The Janitors - "Get Your Rock On" - $0.99

    If you thought yesterday's Trophy news was good, today's will knock your socks off!! Today, we managed to view some fantastic games and the cherry on top of this was when these bad boys were confirmed to receive Trophies.

    There were 4 main publishers on our appointment cards today, namely; SouthPeak, Midway, SEGA and big boys, EA. The vast majority of the titles on show today looked great and some actually looked golden already.

    Anyway I'll stop dilly-dallying, the following upcoming publishers responded to the following titles and their Trophy situation.

    Two Worlds: The Temptation - Trophy support confirmed.

    X-Blades - Trophy support confirmed.

    Mortal Kombat v DC Universe - Trophy support confirmed.

    This is Vegas - Trophy support confirmed.

    The Wheelman - Trophy support confirmed.

    The Godfather II - Trophy support confirmed.

    Need For Speed Underground - Not 100% and I quote "maybe"

    Mirror's Edge - Trophy support confirmed.

    Stormrise - Trophy support confirmed.

    Alpha Protocol - Trophy support confirmed.

    Bayonetta - Trophy support confirmed.

    Sonic Unleashed - Trophy support = another "maybe".

    Heroes Over Europe - Trophy support confirmed.

    Alone in the Dark - No Trophy support.

    Again, that pretty much wraps up the day, some great titles there particularly Bayonetta and Alpha Protocol which rank as two of my favourite games of Leipzig this year. Look out tomorrow for news from Bethesda, Warner Bros, Codemasters, Rockstar and more EA goodness.


    Those of you looking to upgrade your existing PSP to a PSP 3000 this October, prepare yourself - the console will only be available to buy in a package bundled with software.

    Speaking to SCEE President David Reeves broke the news that those of you looking to pick one up at launch will be forced to buy some software with it.

    “We’re going to introduce PSP-3000 in October, and this will be sold initially as part of a bundle, with a piece of software. During this period, PSP-2000 will remain as the base PSP model.”

    SCEE confirmed that the PSP 3000 will only be available to purchase in a bundle packaged with either FIFA 09, Buzz! Master Quiz or Harry Potter. Part of us wonders whether the bundle will be used to justify the 30 Euro price-hike over the existing model.

    PSP 3000 was announced at GC yesterday sporting an improved screen and in-built microphone.


    One of the biggest pieces of news that came out of Sony's press conference at Leipzig yesterday was the announcement of the PSP-3000. At the time, they didn't provide any release details, although SCEA confirmed special bundles for the U.S. for October 14. And now, with this news from SCEJ, we should be looking at a worldwide simultaneous release.

    Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has stepped forward and delivered their information, so let's take a look at that. First of all, they remind us of all the new features you will receive with the freshly revamped PSP: despite retaining the same design, the display has been improved with "higher contrast, higher color depth, and faster response time." Anti-reflection technology is going to assist in playing games outside, and the unit will boast a built-in microphone, Skype compatibility, and a new update for the video-out functionality. Before, the PSP was only able to play its games on a progressive TV screen, but this overhaul will allow those games to play on standard analogue TVs as well. Now, onto those release details. The PSP-3000 will become available in Japan in October, and in three designer colors: Piano Black, Pearl White, and Mystic Silver.

    We're not sure if North America will see the new PSP - in standalone fashion - at the same time, but we certainly should. With those North American bundles coming on the 14th of October, it seems we're looking at a worldwide simultaneous launch of the PSP-3000. Sweet!


    ig things are expected of Ubisoft's new Prince game. And not just from us. New shots and a movie released at Leipzig have done little to lower our expectations - they've been raised even further. It's looking that good. But to tell us why the wait (and £40) will be worth it, we'll hand you over to producer, Ben Mattes.

    What platforms will this new PoP be available on?

    Ben Mattes: Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. We're also developing a completely different game which is specifically designed for the DS.

    When will the games be released?

    Mattes: Holidays season 2008.

    Who is in charge of the development?

    Mattes: Ubisoft Montreal Studio, who has recently released Assassin's Creed, is developing the next gen versions. Most of the core creative team has worked on the previous PoP trilogy; they know the franchise by heart.

    The DS title is in the hands of the Ubisoft Casablanca studio, which is developing a strong expertise on DS titles.

    Do you need to have played the other games in the series to understand the storyline?

    Mattes: We're opening a new chapter in the Prince of Persia universe with a new story and a new Prince. Having played the previous episodes isn't necessary to understand the storyline.

    So what is the storyline of the game?

    Mattes: Transported to a land of myth and legend, our Hero finds himself caught up in an epic battle between the primal forces of light and darkness: the God of Light, Ormazd versus his brother Ahriman, the God of Darkness. Our Hero arrives just in time to witness the destruction of the legendary Tree of Life - an act which threatens to plunge the entire world into eternal darkness.

    The Prince will have to stop the rise of the ancient destructive God, Ahriman. This new epic storyline is close to Persian Mythology (Zoroastrianism).

    Storyline has always been an integral part of all PoP games. With the new PoP video game, we not only have an epic storyline, but we are letting the player choose how the story unfolds within the same story frame.

    What have been your inspirations to design this new Prince?

    Mattes: We wanted to explore how our hero will eventually become a Prince through an epic journey. At the start of the game, the future Prince will be an adventurer and a drifter wandering from adventure to adventure with no real ties, always living in the present. To him, the past is gone and he carries no burden from it, the future is to come and will take care of itself. All that matters is now - the thrill of the moment, the next heartbeat, the next corner, jump and sensation.

    We drew our inspiration from adventurers like Sinbad in the Arabian Nights, Han Solo from Star Wars and Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings.

    Like all epic heroes, what The Prince wears says a lot about who he is and what he has been through. We really wanted to communicate visually the dichotomy that is the life of a wandering adventurer. On one hand, he has elements of luxury in his dress - the red and blue cloth that he uses as a turban and scarf that would be available only to those with money. However, he is also perfectly comfortable putting function before form, wearing plain leather leggings to help protect his legs rather then dazzle the eye.

    We see that the Prince has a new appearance, but what about new abilities? What new tricks/attributes does the Prince have up his sleeve?

    Mattes: Our Prince has a lot of new abilities in both combat and acrobatics. He is taking the agility of the previous Prince to new heights of deadly acrobatic artistry. His range of acrobatic skills is wider than ever, allowing him to defy the laws of gravity with style and velocity.

    In addition to his sword, he is wearing a gauntlet that will be used both in acrobatics and in combat. This bounty from the Prince's earlier adventures will open new dimensions in his acrobatics and combat style. For instance, by using the gauntlet, you will be able to slide down very high walls and cliffs. So be ready to discover some very impressive new moves in the coming months!

    Combat has evolved since the last games as our ambition is to add the reactivity and strategy typically found in fighting games into our new combat system. We have studied numerous fight games and learned what worked/what didn't work, and implemented the most absorbing moments into our gameplay. We want the dramatic attack sequences of the Prince to be complemented by the use of camera, sound and visual effects to create an overall combat sequence whose intensity rivals the most spectacular choreographed fight scenes in cinema. In addition, the enemies you fight will be more cunning then any ever seen in a PoP game before, strategically using the environment to gain the upper hand, forcing the player to use quick thinking and reflexes to succeed.

    We have also changed the role of the female character in a PoP game. No longer a secondary character, but instead a strong supporting character with heavy gameplay implications, the new female lead, Elika, will add value to every layer of the game: exploration, combat, acrobatics, puzzle-solving, storyline and overall immersion. She is a powerful companion of the Prince who accompanies him throughout the game - she adds an element of mystery, deepening the epic storyline. Our goal is to revolutionize the supporting character in an action-adventure game.

    How are you going to revolutionize the supporting character in an action-adventure game?

    Mattes: The level of innovation we're bringing to Elika is similar to the innovation we brought with the Sands of Time system in the previous trilogy.

    Elika is always a positive for the player. She interacts with the player in combat, acrobatics and puzzle-solving and always in a positive and helpful way. She enables special moves such as cooperative acrobatics, special combo attacks and navigation. Additionally, all of her magical powers come into play when the player requests them. She can never be killed and will never force her will on the player.

    In terms of control, she will be controlled by AI but the player will have a specific "Elika" button to trigger specific coop moves, attacks and magic. Our philosophy is to leave as much control to the player as possible without having her bog down the fast-paced rhythm of the game. This way we add a layer of strategy and make sure the player uses Elika when and how he wants.

    Besides the gameplay asset that Elika represents, we want to build a strong bond between her and the Prince. Elika behaves as no other NPC has ever behaved in a video game.

    What have been your inspirations to design Elika?

    Mattes: Elika is a practical and intelligent woman. Independent and strong, she doesn't need to be protected. We drew inspiration from the Elizabeth Swann character in Pirates of the Caribbean or Padmé Amidala in Star Wars.

    She is very light. Her element is the air in opposition with the earth, that of the Prince's. She embodies the fluidity in their duo.

    Even if she has magical powers, at first sight Elika is a human being; we didn't want to reduce her to her magical abilities. On that specific point, we drew our inspiration from Arwen in Lord of the Rings. Her magic is graceful with arabesques in contrast with the Corruption which takes on tribal forms.

    Have you developed a new game engine for this version?

    Mattes: We have improved and adapted the engine developed internally for Assassin's Creed. It is a great tool for our artists and engineers and we want to push it even further.
    In that respect, we have added a lot of new systems that will help create the seamless fluidity and the overall look and feel we are looking for.

    Can you describe some of the moves the Prince can perform?

    Mattes: Thanks to this new engine, we are able to improve every move of the Prince; we removed some and added others to increase the feeling of agility. That being said, we re-did all our animations from scratch for this new opus. They all are hand-made key frame animations, a fiddly work for our animation team who craft all these new moves and give them the extra touch of fluidity we could never reach with motion capture.

    The game has a very different art style than previous PoP. Why did you change the art direction?

    Mattes: The new PoP game features a brand-new art style never before seen that is very graphical and illustrative. We are lucky enough to have one of the most talented team of concept artists in the industry. PoP fans have always been very passionate about their work. So this time, we wanted to remain very close to their 2D concept arts, keeping the essence of their artworks in the 3D world.

    Next-gen tools help us create a game which has a unique visual identity without sacrificing art to technology, which is often the case in video games. The Prince of Persia universe is so rich and special that it would be a shame to picture it in a photorealistic way. It calls for fantasy and almost poetry to be true to its Arabian Night origins.

    What are your goals for the PoP series?

    Mattes: We have high ambition for this game. We strongly believe that we will rejuvenate the PoP brand with strong innovations and a whole new experience that will not only excite our current fans, but will appeal to new fans. We are all excited about the new Prince of Persia; be prepared to see some amazing images in the coming weeks.


    PlayStation3 homebrew seems to be picking up some tempo. A Japanese coder recently released a NES emulator for the console using BD-J. Aside from being an emulator, the program also acts as a filer that displays certain kinds of images (PNG, GIF, JPG).

    Check out our forums for more information on the program courtesy of Cooguy1212. The forum thread is linked below. Anyhow, here's a video of the homebrew in action, playing the classic of classics in video gaming, Super Mario Bros.

    Some have been bugging us to put the new Tomb Raider trailer on our site. The franchise has really found its groove since the successful series revamp in Tomb Raider: Legend. The upcoming Tomb Raider: Underworld looks like a very dramatic continuation, filled with tons of reasons for Lara to wear wetsuits and other inappropriate-for-an-explorer outfits. This one's coming to all the platforms out there, including PS3.


    We've just obtained a brand new trailer for the PS3 exclusive fighting game, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm. This new trailer is more revealing than ever, showcasing the game's free roaming adventure mode. Players will be able to partake in 100 unique missions through the single player adventure as they go through the early parts of Naruto's ninja career. New screenshots (featured below) highlight series favorites, like Gaara, Guy, Itachi, Kimimaro and Rock Lee. These are but a few of the 25 characters that will be in the game when it releases exclusively on PS3 in November.


    Quantic Dream president David Cage has confirmed there will be playable demo of Heavy Rain. He indicated that he "wouldn't want to spoil the story" as it will surprise people due to its unusual-for-a-video-game nature. Eurogamer speculates that the demo will therefore most likely focus on the game's mechanics.

    Apparently, the video that was released yesterday is a separate episode that is unrelated to the main plot, which prompted the question of whether there will be DLC episodes in the future. Cage agrees its a possibility, but concedes that it is simply too early to talk about. The interface of Heavy Rain is "entirely contextual" and therefore open to the possibility of other stories.

    Our very own Jem Alexander just got some hands-on time with Heavy Rain at LGC, so stay tuned for more details about this PS3 exclusive!


    The Last Guy will be fully released in Japan next week. On August 28, the full game will be available on the Japanese store for ¥2,000 ($18.44). For those who purchased the Japan Premium pack (which was the Asakusa-only level), you can get a refund of your ¥500 for purchasing the full game. However, you'll only have until October 31 to get the "discount."

    Checking out the newly released trailer (embedded above), the game will include cities such as London, Berlin, Sydney, Yokohama, Washington D.C., and San Francisco, and will also include a whole slew of new (and deadly-looking) monsters. Now, all we need to do is wait for dates and prices on a Western release to pop up.


    Bethesda has announced that the release date for their post-apocalyptic RPG title Fallout 3 is October 28th. The European release is three days later on October 31st. All versions of the game will be released this day, including the Collector's Edition and the uber-super Survival Edition. We added a couple of new screenshots in the gallery below, along with some concept art. To some of us, this is one of the biggest third-party titles to come out this year. We can't wait!


    Aug 20, 2008

    And here is the general consensus from day 1. I'll warn you know though, the day started badly for Sony's Trophy system, but certainly got better throughout the day.

    Click the jump for the full list of confirmed Trophy titles.

    • Prince of Persia - No Trophy support

    • HAWX - Trophy support confirmed

    • Shaun White's Snowboard - Trophy support confirmed

    • Borderlands - Trophy support confirmed

    • Spider Man: Web of Shadows - Probably not because it was too late in the development stage to add them in.

    • Far Cry 2 - Trophy support confirmed

    • EndWar - Trophy support confirmed

    • Quantum of Solace - Trophy support confirmed

    • Call of Duty: World at War - Trophy support confirmed

    • Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon - Trophy support confirmed

    So there you have it, as the holiday period approaches, more and more titles get Trophy support. Unfortunately the impressive looking Prince of Persia will not, but surely Far Cry 2 and Call of Duty: World at War will make everyone sleep a little sounder tonight.


    Resistance series hero, Nathan Hale, was injected this week on Project Abraham. Truth be told, this week's video wasn't as exciting as previous attempts, simply because we all knew Hale wasn't going to have his guts spilled on the floor like the others. So what did happen to him? Well, he's now in a coma. You can see the clip here.

    Adding on to that, several new documents on Hale's dossier page have appeared. That includes lab results and notes from Dr. Aklin about the progress of the vaccine and Hale's current condition.

    There are only two soldiers left to stick needles in: Captain Frank Gennaro and Lieutenant Kenneth Danby. What's going to happen to them? Will their results save Hale from comatose? Are they getting closer to a cure?


    During Sony's press conference yesterday at the Leipzig Games Convention, SCEE announced EyePet for all PAL regions. According to the official press release, these cute, furry little creatures "won't make a mess on the floor or claw at your curtains." This is the definitive virtual pet that responds to everything you do as you sit before the video screen with your handy PlayStation Eye. The creature, a "loveable, simian-like pet," exists on your screen and operates on what Sony is calling "Augmented Reality." See, the pet won't just react to you; it's "fully aware of people in the room and will interact" with them, as well as other things in the immediate environment. Give it something to play with and if it doesn't recognize the object immediately, it'll toy around with it until it does. Heck, you can even playfully tickle your virtual pet.

    You can customize your pet almost entirely, and that includes facial expressions, so perhaps the possibilities are limitless. EyePet launches later on next year, and as far as we know, there hasn't been an announcement concerning any other territories. But hey, don't you want these fuzzy virtual pets to come to North America?

    Note: Check out the video of EyePet Here


    Sales have accelerated since the arrival of the Slim & Lite PSP in September 2007.

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has today announced that its PSP handheld gaming system has now sold over 13.4 million units across Europe.

    The platform holder announced the sales figure at the Leipzig Games Convention and noted that the format is gaining "overwhelming support from a wide range of consumers all over the world". Sony attributes the success of the PSP to its "exciting" line-up of software, the introduction of colour variations and the launch of the Slim & Lite PSP in September 2007.

    Sony will shortly add the PSP-3000 to its product line-up, a new model which features an improved screen and a built-in microphone.


    As expected, Savage Moon was revealed for PSN at Leipzig today. This download exclusive is a strategy game with a terrifying bug-infested twist. Players must try to protect an isolated planetary outpost from rampaging hordes of gigantic, ravenous space bugs. It's like Starship Troopers ... meets PixelJunk Monsters.


    Here's the first trailer released for FIFA 09, the newest iteration of the popular soccer franchise. The game is looking great, though some may complain the character models don't look enough like the actual players. You also won't have to wait long to try it out for yourself: the demo will be available from the PSN starting September 11st worldwide.

    Furthermore, EA has announced a new "premium service" (meaning it might cost money) called adidas Live Season. This service will provide a weekly update for each player's stats according to their performance in real-life games from the launch of FIFA 09 to the end of the 2008-09 season. It will be only available for Barclay's Premier League, La Liga BBVA, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A and Mexican Primera Division.

    Finally, there's a gameplay video for you that involve Samir Nasri and the Robot, after the jump.


    The third expansion pack for the PSN-exclusive Warhawk is coming by month's end. Operation Fallen Star introduces Tau Crater, a remote, forested level that is the site of a crashed Chernovan warship containing experimental technology. This new pack adds the Infrantry Jetpack and ten new battlefields, most likely variations of the Tau Crater level. Of course, a free summer update will add a few new features, not forgetting Trophies.


    Update: Slight change of plans; according to MTV Multiplayer, Sony isn't allowing you to export the music. Rather, there is an option to swap discs -- by pressing select during a session of Singstar on the PS3 and exchanging the disc for any PS2 SingStar game, you will be allowed you to choose the songs from the PS2 disc. This is not permanent and you will need to have the PS2 disc in the drive in order to sing these songs.

    Moreover, as one of our readers asked, there were those of you who were concerned that PS3s without backwards compatibility would lack this feature. No need to worry; Sony has stated a free patch is coming for current SingStar game and this new disc-swapping feature will now be standard on all future incarnations of the title.

    Looks like Singstar will be following in the footsteps of Rock Band 2: a firmware upgrade will allow you to rip the tracks off the PS2 Singstar games onto your PS3. Now this is exactly the kind of thing Singstar fans have been waiting for! No other details has been announced at this time, but we'll keep you updated as the details pour in. Stay tuned!


    It's not like Sony could really keep this thing under wraps for much longer, but the company finally did the deed by announcing the PSP-3000 at the Leipzig Games Convention. The unit itself will look exactly like the PSP-2000, though it will feature an "improved screen that's better outside with no glare and a built-in mic." The juicy tidbits have yet to surface, but we are told to expect the new handheld in Europe for €199 ($291) on October 15th.


    Finally! We were teased by a recent hands-on test of WipEout HD, but it finally looks like the hype machine is rolling out for this upcoming PSN-exclusive version of the high-speed racing franchise. This new trailer is the first time we've seen split-screen in action ... and it looks good.


    It looks like the 80GB Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle really was "limited edition." The $499 bundle has been deleted from the Wal-Mart databases, to make way for the 80GB Core and upcoming 160GB Uncharted pack. Considering the current MGS4 pack is the only system to support PS2 backwards compatibility, this may be your last chance to get your hands on a PS3 that can play PS2 games. Neither the current $399 80GB Core nor the upcoming $499 160GB bundle will support PS2 games at all.

    Stay tuned for Sony's official response.


    The 160GB model announced at Leipzig today will also be coming to America in a new bundle featuring last year's blockbuster PS3 exclusive, Uncharted. For $499, the 160GB system will include the new 160GB system, a DUALSHOCK 3 controller, a voucher for PAIN and a copy of Uncharted. It will be available in November.

    "As PLAYSTATION Network continues to evolve with our recently launched video delivery service and more exclusive games, PS3 owners are demanding more storage capacity," said Jack Tretton, president and CEO, SCEA. "Consumers also are utilizing PS3 as an entertainment hub for their digital media, placing content such as their entire music collection on the hard drive. The 160GB PS3 system addresses this growing consumer demand in a compelling bundle that delivers significant value."


    Do you love puppies and kittens? How about virtual puppies and kitties? If you do you, you might enjoy the new Eyepet game that's just been announced. Check it out in the video above.

    It's a virtual pet game that allows gamers to interact with their pet by utilizing the PlayStation Eye peripheral. If you put an object in front of the PS Eye, the pet will interact with it on screen. If you wave your fingers in front of the PS Eye, you can tickle your "loveable, simian-like pet." Eyepet is developed by SCEE and will be available in "late 2009" for PAL regions.


    At the end of the new Heavy Rain trailer, a vague (but nonetheless reassuring) release date was mentioned: 2009. Slowly, but surely, Sony's 2009 killer apps are being revealed. With MAG, Killzone 2, inFAMOUS and now Heavy Rain, gamers will have a lot to look forward to in 2009.

    Heavy Rain is a "dark, immersive and emotionally-engaging experience" expanding upon the ideas of Quantic Dream's previous adventure game, Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy). Once again, the promise is that "every action has a consequence" with a constantly evolving story based on the way you interact with others and the choices you make. SCEE is promising it will talk about topics unheard of in gaming, "making it a genuinely mature game for a new world of adult gamers."


    Update: Looks like we got the platform wrong. SingStar: Singalong with Disney is a PS2 game.

    What's the next generation of SingStar? You guessed it: SingStar: Singalong with Disney will bring karaoke lovers the classic Disney songs we've all known and loved, with classic Disney movie footage in the background. The enthusiasm in the audience is quite noticeable, looking at Jem's Twitter entry.

    Other additions to the SingStar franchise were also revealed in Europe. SingStar Vol.3 Party Edition will add classic pop hits from Barry Manilow, Lionel Ritchie and Kate Bush sit alongside recent chart hits from The Ting Tings, Timbaland, Sara Bareilles and Coldplay.

    Two download packs from classic rock group Queen will also be added to the SingStore.


    It's been quite a long wait for LittleBigPlanet, but that wait is soon to be no longer. At Sony's press conference in Leipzig today, it was announced that the create-it-yourself platformer would be available to gamers in Europe by October 29. While Europeans across the continent mark their calendars, North Americans will have to keep their eyes peeled for a future announcement.


    Europe is getting a wicked cool service to use early next year. Entitled VidZones, this new service, available in 23 European countries, including Australia and New Zealand, will allow PS3 fans to access an unlimited amount of streaming music videos on their PS3 for the incredible price of: free. You'll be able to create custom playlists and yes, you'll be able to stream it on your PSP via Remote Play. This will operate separately from the current PS3 Video Store.

    In addition, users of VidZones will be able to download music videos and ringtones directly to their cell phones ... all for a nominal charge, of course. With this and PlayTV, the multimedia features of the European PS3 is far outclassing those of their (now jealous) neighbors.


    A new peripheral for the PS3 has just been announced at Leipzig. A wireless keypad is similar to Xbox 360's current chatpad, but it will connect to the controller through the top USB port. The chatpad will also enable "touchpad mode for mouse input." A picture of the keypad attached to a controller, after the jump.

    Equipped with Bluetooth(R) functionality, the Wireless Keypad can be paired to PS3 by simply connecting the keypad to the USB cable that comes bundled with the PS3 system. Also, two shortcut buttons, a Communication Button and a Message Box Button, are placed on the lower part of the Wireless Keypad, enabling users to jump to pre-set features on XMB(TM) (XrossMediaBar) such as "Friends" and "Message Box" during game play, which help PS3 users to smoothly communicate with each other. Additionally, a Touch Pad Button allows PS3 users to use the entire surface of the keypad as a touch pad, allowing them to easily maneuver the pointer while web browsing, simply by sliding their finger on the keypad surface.


    New Street Fighter IV screenshots from the LGC 08! Enjoy!

    The director of Final Fantasy XIII, Motomu Toriyama released some information about the upcoming RPG in an interview with Famitsu PS3. The demo is quite long, but it will allow players "to play from the opening through the prologue," like the Final Fantasy VII demo. Besides Lighting, gamers will have a chance to play as the blond male (shown above) in the demo. His name is unknown but it will also be weather-related.

    Toriyma then mentions a "new style", where FFXIII will not have a main character. Instead gamers will see the story from viewpoints of alternate characters. One of the main focuses of the demo will be on the ability to let players try this "new style" out. The battle system also lets you switch characters; it will primarily be party-based and the player will be able to switch between characters during combat.

    Forever Fantasy has scans of the screenshots from the FFXIII story. There are even a few Versus XIII pictures as well. Take a look here! Enjoy!

    Aug 19, 2008

    By the end of the year, Blu-ray Disc movies are expected to sell 400% more than they did just one year ago, say analysts with Futuresource Consulting, a startling revelation considering movie studios' continuing challenge to sell catalogue/archive titles on Blu-ray. Perhaps even more startling: a cheap Blu-ray Disc player coming by year's end.
    With a slumping American economy, all eyes are on Q4 and retail sales, with everyone wondering how big it will get -- or fail to reach. The movie studios clearly hope for a big season, as indicated by their decision to release so many big movies on Blu-ray the same day they appear on standard DVD.

    Futuresource estimates that consumers will buy close to 45 million Blu-ray discs in the United States this year, more than 400% up on last year, indicating a strong turnaround during Q3 and Q4.

    "On big titles, the share of total sales being taken by BD has already hit 5% to 6%, and by Q4 it is possible we'll see a 10% or even 12% share for some of the really big hitters," said Mai Hoang, a lead analyst in the Futuresource Home Video team. "In Europe, awareness and uptake are still lower overall, although in the key markets the retailers and the studios are reacting to an uplift in interest this year and are gearing up for a good end to 2008."

    By 2012, between 40% and 50% of consumer spending on home video will be allocated to Blu-ray, according to the latest analysis from Futuresource.


    The PS2 is unquestionably one of the greatest successes of videogaming history. However, it appears that the high manufacturing costs of Sony's latest effort has negated all the profit they made from the PS2 hardware -- at least according to developer Dave Perry, with information obtained from research firm DFC Intelligence (via 1UP). It's estimated that the console, which cost Sony up to $260 of losses per system sold, has left Sony with a total loss of $3 billion in the PS3's life so far.

    While these figures seem rather bleak, one has to note the careful language used in the report is specifically about hardware, not software. Ultimately, Sony's goal is to profit off of its first-party offerings, and the licensing fees imposed upon third party developers.


    Okay, so it's not from Leipzig, but considering the other two trailers that were released tonight, we thought it wise to highlight this trailer for the PS3-exclusive Afrika. Unlike the Japanese commercial for the game, this trailer looks rather exciting -- the opposite of sleep-inducing if you ask us. The National Geographic branding certainly adds a bit more weight to the authenticity of this unique nature observation game. Hopefully, we'll see a localized release announced in the coming weeks.


    The Killzone 2 trailer from Leipzig is all about multiplayer -- and that's a good thing, because we're absolutely psyched to go online with the game. If you haven't read up on Killzone's various multiplayer modes.


    Another games convention, another trailer for Resident Evil 5. Not that we're complaining, of course. It looks absolutely breathtaking, and we're glad it's coming ever-so-closer to release. Let's hope that Capcom doesn't reveal too much before the game actually comes out -- some of the most terrifying things about the franchise are the surprises they keep hidden away from us.


    Looks like Armored Core: for Answer will be arriving on our shores fairly soon; Ubisoft has announced that the game will be released on September 16th. GameSpot scored an interview with associate producer Kenan Alpay, who tells us a couple of facts about the game. Here are some highlights:

    • Online co-op mode: "30 missions and eight-player online melees in 80different arenas."
    • Story mode: You play as a mercenary who can eventually choose which missions to take from different factions within the game. There are over 40 missions and the decisions you make can lead to multiple endings.
    • Arms Forts, which are giant battle stations much larger than yourself, will be the featured enemies of the game.
    • Control scheme: new control scheme for beginners, as well as an option for other players to join in via co-op mode to assist them with difficult missions.
    • New customization options: 130 new mech parts, including "interesting" parts such as an "auxiliary boost jets that increase your mobility and are ideal for hit-and-run attacks."
    • Voice chat will be supported, as well as cross-regional (North America, Japan, Europe) play.

    No trophy support for "the Western version."


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