Jul 4, 2008

Firmware 2.4 have added a number of ‘hidden’ upgrades that we dont know about. The first was an upgrade to the Playstation Store where pre 2.4 the store would load sluggish and no cache properly. This was fixed in 2.4 and the store now loads a lot quicker. Also there is a new view mode if you press square while browsing through the content.

Along with the above, another hidden upgrade has been found and that is the ability to play Flash games in the Playstation 3’s web browser. Some people have reported that you could do that before 2.4 came out, but it seems now that a lot more people can play Flash games with their PS3’s with firmware 2.4 installed.

A user has emailed in saying that he can now play Flash games in the PS3’s browser and has been playing Sonic at the following site: http://www.sonicgamesflash.com/ultimate-flash-sonic-game.html (watch out for pop ups though)

You can now view and watch/play stuff on newgrounds.com

If your the lucky one who has installed firmware 2.4 with no problems go ahead and try your favourite flash games.


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