Jul 5, 2008

When the PS3's launch back in late 2006/early 2007 was met with largely disappointing sales in many territories across the globe, analysts and Sony fans alike increasingly looked to the future to cite possible PS3 titles that could lift sales to PS2 levels.
Gran Turismo was mentioned. Metal Gear, of course. Lair, The Getaway and Grand Theft Auto were all named. Even Fatal Inertia - itself later delayed (and almost cancelled) on PS3, launching on Xbox 360 instead - was cited as an exclusive title that might have sent sales skyward.

Of course, for the most part, all of the above titles have either made their debut or disappeared off the radar altogether. Out of all of them, Metal Gear arguably made the most difference, though evidence suggests its effect is already waning.

The latest sales figures from Japan have the PS3 falling steadily back to its pre-MGS4 sales levels (to 17,973 units this week, to be specific), drifting way behind the Wii just weeks after it stole headlines and surged past it - admittedly only for one week.

But it does beg the question; if one of the franchises most synonymous with the PlayStation can't rescue the PS3's fortunes, what can? Have we reached a time when software no longer pushes hardware, with consumers making their purchasing decisions based upon media specifications and firmware updates?

I hope not. I don't want to end up reviewing firmware for a living.


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