Aug 5, 2008

Konami is in a good mood. Well, you would too if you were touting number spikes like a 116 percent jump in net revenues. Konami is reporting massive positive growth in its first quarter earnings and no doubt a huge chunk of that is due to the success of Metal Gear Solid 4 -- which has shipped three million units worldwide on its first week. Konami stated that sales for the PS3 exclusive Solid Snake adventure were "sensational" with sales still "steadily increasing."

As for all the final numbers for Konami's first quarter earnings for the period ended June 30, here they are: ¥70.8 billion ($654 million) in net revenues, operating income climbed over 165 percent to ¥11.6 billion, and net income grew about 47 percent to ¥5.66 billion ($52.3 million). Konami expects these numbers to rise to ¥330 billion, ¥45 billion, and ¥26 billion respectively for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2009.


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