Aug 6, 2008

No injection took place on the Resistance 2 viral site, Project Abraham, this week. We are guessing the man who claimed he knew no fear met his match. Though no injection took place, Oster's video still contains violence and should be considered NSFW. Oster's dossier has also been updated to reflect his new status -- including a file number, which you can type into SrpaNet as "GET 938Stockmeyer773" to view a confrontation he had with our protagonist from the previous game. Dr. Alkin's inbox update included a Rorshchach inkblot test, along with a recommendation that Glenn Khaner be the next test subject.

America First America Only apparently received some tips from those of us who "hacked" into SrpaNet and published pictures of Chimeras and Cloven in their news weekly. The second page suggests that these "aliens" are from a watery planet; can that planet possibly be Earth itself?

Lastly, those of you who left your number with Project Abraham last week received a call. We missed ours, but thanks to NeoGAF, we have a partial recording of the phone call for you to listen to right here.


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