Aug 6, 2008

A funny thing happened with NBA Live 08; we liked it. For years, Electronic Arts' signature basketball series suffered from sluggish play, but the company slam-dunked its current edition with faster, more lifelike players and animations. It isn't the greatest hoops game ever made, but it gave EA a solid foundation to build upon. Debuting October 7, NBA Live 08adds even more features, starting with Dynamic DNA.

Previous basketball games attempted to capture player tendencies, but most of this data is from last season and out of date. Dynamic DNA tracks NBA players day to day and incorporates their play styles into the game. If Chris Paul's three-point shooting improves, for example, his video game alter ego will also start hitting more shots from downtown. If Shaq starts making free throws (unlikely but anything's possible), you can expect NBA Live Shaq to drill those shots from the foul line. No matter what happens (injuries, trades), EA insists that it'll show up in the game the day after, so in a sense, you'll be able to experience the NBA 08/09 season both realistically and virtually, an exciting concept that'll keep the game fresh throughout the year. In fact, you also have the option of replaying last night's games (dubbed NBA Rewind), allowing you to recreate victories or perhaps rewrite history. Finally, the New York Knicks can win some games.

We're also interested in Quickstrike AnkleBreakers, moves that let you leave your opponent flatfooted as you drive to the basket. To execute these moves, wait until the defender approaches you and press turbo in conjunction with the right analog stick to cross them over or do some other excellent maneuver. So long as EA pumped the game full of moves, there will be more than one way to shake someone.

In addition, the game has Pick and Roll Control that lets you work this signature play as both the ball carrier and the screener, and NBA Live will offer on screen prompts to help you execute; perhaps a basketball related quick time event. There's also a new practice facility, 24 FIBA international teams, online leagues (with draft, trades and playoffs) and true five-on-five online play for up to ten players.

So long as NBA Live 09 plays like last year's game but with subtle improvements, we'll snag it faster than Paul Pierce grabbed the NBA championship trophy. Dynamic DNA seems like a great concept, and with new moves and continuously updated rosters, this might tomahawk 2K Sports' NBA 2K9.


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