Aug 5, 2008

24 As many Gamers are anticipating this release whether it be the full version or just a taste of the beta. New or Veteran players of the Socom series are sure in for a treat as new information has surfaced.
As some of this info is already known or new to some.

Please be aware that the original web site source is in Japanese.
I will translate the important details only.

Translation:(If you scroll towards the middle of the Page.)
Customization: This will allow players to customize their soldier from different clothing, color suits, tactical equipment and even face paint camouflage. There are also preset variations from Light, Medium and Heavy gear soldier equipment.

Weapons will also have customization features where players will be able to add suppressors or Scopes amongst other attachments. There are 30+ weapons in the game so far. Some are M16A2, P226, M67, C4, L96AW, IW-80 A2, DE.50, Mark23, M14, RPG-7, SFCR-LW and USAS-12 to name a few.

From the Screen shots posted:
- There seems to be a Reputation System in play as the other basic info.

- Game seems to be in an "Alpha Build" Stage.

- Localization is in Japanese.

- Before Re-spawning You are able to re select your weapons and customize again.

- 3 maps are shown "Crossroads", "Quarantine" and "Kasbah".

Note: To View Japanese Site Click Here


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