Sep 7, 2008

Here is my take and my personal Opinion on whether or not the PS3 needs a price cut or not.

People are in business to make money, However if you are in a non profit organization I think that you need to go back to business school and retake some courses. Companies release products to make a profit so that they can pay their employees and manufacturing costs and this of course will create more jobs which in terms means people will have more money to spend which in turn will create more jobs. That is how the economy works everywhere.

This however hasn't been the case for Sony ever since they launched the PS3. The company has been losing money on every PS3 sold hoping that they will make it up with the games they sell. However when you almost have no exclusives that makes it even harder.

The PS3 started out with a hefty $600 price tag, but in reality that is a bargain (you can revert to my better value article written last year). You get Wi-Fi, a blue-ray/dvd player upconverter package, a game consol, multimedia player with memory card readers as well as a PS2/PS1 package if you got the 60GB Version. With all of this you are looking to spend thousands if bought seperately but you get all of this with the PS3.

SCE has already stated that there will be no price cut this year for the PS3 and gamers are complaning but really think about it. Does the PS3 really need a price cut. $500 for a Multimedia power house with an 80GBHDD is really not a bad deal. If you were to compare that to what the 360 offers you then it is really not a bad deal. With the 360 you have to buy these things seperate including the rechargable battery and the Wi-Fi adaptor which can cost a hefty $100. On top of that you get a free game called the red ring of death where you can guess when will your 360 die out and if you guess right you win one month without your 360 because you will have to ship it back to Microsoft, and if you don't guess right then you still have to send it to Microsoft. Boy doesnt that sound fun?

In the beginning I was really skeptical about the PS3. I used to say its too expensive, what if it fucks up, and I still need to buy an HDMI cable to get the full experience. But, as soon as I got the PS3 and hooked it up to my PS3 I saw the light. Up to date I play my PS3 even though I have less games than the 360 or the Wii. I haven't touched my 360 since I last reviewed Alone in the Dark. And the Wii the only time I've played it was when I got Star Fox 64 on the Virtual consoles. Heck I don't even remember where I left my DS its been that long since I've last heard of it.

Everything I need I got it via the PSP. It even supports fome flash which will allow you to stream movies online. Not to mention it lets you download content from your email to the PS3's HDD. I've only tried this with Music though I've still yet to try it with a video.

The PS3 80GB runs you at $400. A bundle like MSG4 or the new 160GB version with Uncharted and a free PSN download will run you at $500. Even at $500 I still think you are getting a great deal. Not to mention Sony just released their first wave of Greatest hits with more on the way for $30. You can probably buy it used for less.

The PS3 does not need a price cut. If you think its too expensive then you probably shouldn't be buying games to begin with. What the PS3 needs though is more exclusives and not to push those exclusives back to a later date.

If you want a great HD Experience and you have a great HDTV, You cant go wrong with the PS3.

In a press release by Activision the developer says that PS3 and Wii owners might have to pay a fee to play online.

*Online gameplay is only available for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Wii and may require an additional subscription.

Now this is not a for sure thing yet but the "may" is the one word to distrust in this statement. Now I've never been a fan of Guitar Hero but for the millions of people that actually buy the game just so they can think that they are rock stars while still living at home with mom and dad this might be a problem. With the 360 you are already paying the fee but how many people will actually want to pay to play online on the Wii and PS3 versions?

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