Sep 9, 2008

And if you don’t already know… Mediumgauge’s PSP Filer simply gets the job done. Manage both directories and files on your memory stick, UMD, and flash0/flash1. Also take advantage of the integrated tool-set enabling you to rip UMDs directly to your memory stick, view pictures, text & binary files, listen to WAV/MP3 files, and the fun doesn’t stop there. PSP Filer is available in many languages — see the appropriate “readme..txt” for further details.

PSP Filer v5.5 changes:


fixed a bug that time stamp of folders in zipfile was corrupted.
changed a feature to close window when copying done. before: pushing cross to close it. now: pushing either circle or cross to close it.
changed a feature pushing right arrow: before: mark all files in folder. now: mark/unmark all files in folder.
removed a feature pushing left arrow, to unmark all files in folder.
added a feature to move to parent folder by pushing left arrow + circle.
added a feature to save this folder to default (this folder appears in next startup) by pushing left arrow + START.
added a feature to move to default folder by pushing left arrow + triangle.
added a feature to restore opened folders in archive files after copying/deleting files. (note: restoring feature is slow: you have to wait a lot if you open many archive files before copying/deleting)

picture viewer:

made smooth to enlarge/shrink picture.
fixed a bug that a picture was blinked when background-reading was done.
fixed a bug that a picture was blinked when pushing analog pad on the edge of the picture.
increased to read JPEG file faster (about 40% faster than before).

Download: PSP Filer v5.5

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