Sep 7, 2008

You may or may not recollect TyRaNid’s PSP dev. tool: RemoteJoy. Essentially RemoteJoy provides “TV out” capabilities over a USB connection with your PC. With that said — non-Slim owners and non-FuSa users — you too can now experience PSP on a larger scale.

Update: If you’re stuck at a black screen with “WAITING” printed across the top right, then you must download Custom Firmware Extender v2.2 (below) and install the appropriate ‘”PSP” Type B’ USB driver.

Japanese developer, Akind (correct me if I’m wrong?), has taken TyRaNid’s project and has further optimized it for us end-users. Packaged in the form of a small PRX plug-in and Windows executable — we have RemoteJoyLite.

Sadly, I can’t provide a screenshot for you; RemoteJoyLite doesn’t seem to function under Parallels on my Mac. Although, I did stumble across this YouTube video demonstrating the dopeness:

RemoteJoyLite v0.15 [translated] changes:

“SceCtrlLatch” related to behavior modification.
Image-transfer method (TYPE2, TYPE3) added.
HOME POPS button on a good behavior.
Gamma correction added.

RemoteJoyLite v0.15
Custom Firmware Extender (CFE) v2.2 (includes USB driver)


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