Sep 7, 2008

The patch we talked about last week regarding the Rock Band track export service will come out this Thursday, September 11. While you might not find the service all too useful just yet, seeing as PS3 owners won't be getting Rock Band 2 this month, you'll still want to download the patch. The reason for that is that it'll also include Guitar Hero III Les Paul PS3 Controller support for Rock Band.

Aside from that announcement, Harmonix has also responded to the PAX pack problem. The company cited that the song "Livin' on the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe" (how appropriately named) by MC Frontalot, was the cause of the imbroglio. "Users who downloaded that track or the entire pack found that they were not able to play this content in the game. Furthermore, downloading the pack meant that all three songs in the pack failed to load." The new patch out on Thursday will also fix this little snag; though impatient lot can re-download and replace their tracks as soon as the fixed tracks make it through to Sony.


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