Sep 8, 2008

Over the weekend ZX-81 released PSPXTI v1.2.4 — an emulator mimicking the Texas Instruments TI-92 graphing calculator.

PSPXTI is ported from Jonas Minnberg’s XTiger.

PSPXTI v1.2.4 changes:

Fix IR keyboard issue with fw >= 3.80 for FAT PSP
Put Danzeff keyboard in a better location
Virtual keyboard is now usable in the file requester menu to specify the first letter of a file
Add music in EBOOT “Below The Arctic Ocean” from Azhrak (see jamendo)
Tested with 4.01-m33 on psp slim

PSPXTI v1.2.4 fw 1.50
PSPXTI v1.2.4 cfw 3.xx/4.xx (psp slim)
PSPXTI source code


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