Aug 11, 2008

We can hope no longer. It just hurts too much. As of today, we at PSX Extreme believe the dream is dead: the idea of a Final Fantasy VII remake or sequel for the PlayStation 3 has flat-lined in our minds.

It suffered the biggest blow yet when the supposed "big FFVII-related announcement" at Square-Enix's private party last month turned out to be nothing more than a Final Fantasy XIII demo that will come with next year's Blu-Ray release of "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete." It's good news, but it's hardly what we were looking for. And then there was the uber-lame rumor that Final Fantasy VII for the PS3 mysteriously popped up on Best Buy's computer with a release date of August 16. We heard about it, and told you about it (that's our job), but it was just painful to even acknowledge. Talk about grasping at straws. And it was then that we realized- all we've ever done for years is grasp at straws! Everything we may have heard from Square-Enix regarding the possibility of a remake or sequel was either grossly exaggerated, misinterpreted, or simply false from top to bottom. Over and over, the company has said they have no plans to undertake any such project, and that's where it ends.

Yes, that's where it does end. As much as we want it, we have now resigned ourselves to the fact that it will never happen. We're just sick and tired of getting our hopes up, only to see them dashed, over and over. And in retrospect, those hopes continued to spring from completely unfounded reports; pipe dreams, is really what they were. So no more. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, gamers of every age and type, we hereby pronounce the Final Fantasy VII remake and/or sequel PS3 rumor to be dead. May it rest in peace. 'sniff'


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