Aug 11, 2008

Dustin Waller fiancee bought him a Playstation 3 at a Cleveland game retailer. The gaming system was used but it was Playstation 3 and he really wanted to get his hands on one for some time. But the Playstation that his wife had purchased for him just happen to be stolen.

Police then appeared on Waller's door step shortly after the purchase and they inquired as to how he had acquired this Playstation system. According to the Salisbury Post, the police tracked the system whether Dustin had turned on the particular playstation because the previous owner had programmed the PS3 to auto login when the system was turned on. By tracking Waller's IP address, they were able to find him.

Waller is not the culprit in this ordeal but the police nonetheless confiscated his system. The police returned the PS3 and are still looking for the culprit that had stolen it in the first place. Waller was given compensation from the store; and out of all things they had offered him an XBOX 360. "Waller is appreciative of the offer from the store but notes the Xbox isn't nearly as expensive or sophisticated as the Playstation"

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