Aug 14, 2008

There's always stories that circulate the Internet about "stolen PS3s" and there's always one that separates them from all the others; this is that one.

A man stole a PS3 system from a St. Louis EB Games store at gunpoint and told the store clerk that he needed the system to "save his family". According to the KSDK, the theif told the clerk that "his family was being held hostage" and only the PS3 would save them. So now the PS3 is no longer a full-out entertainment system it's a life saver, now can the Xbox 360 do that?

The police arrived at the store when the their had already left. Was this guy a real victim of a henace crime that the PS3 could only undo or was he just a man looking to tell an interesting story the next time someone asks him how he got his PS3; no one will know til the police capture him.

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