Aug 14, 2008

The guys at Criterion love the PS3. Their most recent game, Burnout Paradise was developed first on PS3, and has met a number of free updates that continue to expand the change the gameplay experience. EA has just announced that Burnout Paradise will also be available as a downloadable game from the PS Store this Fall with the standard MSRP of $30. The downloadable version of Burnout Paradise will include all the updates released so far, and will hopefully include Trophies by the time of this digital re-release.

Fiona Sperry, Studio Manager for Criterion Games, said, "Our mission at Criterion is to provide the most entertaining gaming service possible. In order to do that, it's key that we have the ability to deliver content to players in ways that work for them - through quick and easy download or via traditional bricks and mortar. For us, the fun is in playing the game with friends and constantly discovering new surprises in the world. Download packs with meaningful new gameplay are the perfect way for us to keep entertaining fans and keep them playing, even months after launch."


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