Jul 24, 2008

Siren Blood Curse makes its worldwide debut this week, with a Blu-ray release in Japan and PSN releases in both the US and Europe. We maintain that it's incredibly silly to release "episodic" content all at once like this, but at least they've fixed the weird pricing. Taking the plunge on the full game will actually save you £5 or €10. Here's the full release list:

Playable Content

Siren Blood Curse full game (£19.99/€29.99)
Gangs of London full PSP game (£14.99/€19.99)
Echochrome demo (free)
Siren Blood Curse Chapters 1-4 (£6.99/€9.99 each)

Add-on Content

Guitar Hero III "Guitar Virtuoso" track pack (£3.99/€5.99)


E3 PlayStation Family Compilation trailer
E3 Compilation trailer
E3 PSN Compilation trailer
PixelJunk Eden trailer
Linger In Shadows trailer
Movement Episode 2 "Munich" part 2 (8 videos)
Siren Blood Curse "characters" trailer
Siren Blood Curse "Hanuda" trailer
Wallpapers and Themes
PixelJunk Eden "red" wallpaper
PixelJunk Eden "black" wallpaper

Don't forget to keep your eyes out for the American PSN update later today, where a PixelJunk Eden demo will be made available. In the meantime, give Echochrome a go or watch a few trailers. There's plenty of stuff to sink your teeth into, this week.


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