Jul 22, 2008

Over at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, a man known as David Reeves is in charge. Since E3 has ended, Eurogamer thought it would be nice to catch up with Reeves and grill him with several questions that many consumers are curious about. We'll go ahead and summarize the interview, but if you'd like to read it in full, you're very welcome to do so.

SCEE has only now accepted the 80GB SKU for European territories because it finally reached a price they thought would be acceptable to consumers. This bodes well for the 'console war', but even more importantly, Reeves declares, it can only serve to grow the market even more for everybody. He makes an airplane analogy, too. It's pretty awesome and weaves itself into the rest of the interview. For example, first-party titles are the "landing lights" for the PS3.

European launches, like titles for the PlayStation Network, generally don't release at the same time in the UK and, say, Australia. Reeves says they are working on that and some titles coming up will have much closer releases between the European and Australian areas. Things like Home, he said, are coming along nicely now that they have a more realistic and less idealistic view of how the application should play. All in all, he's got faith that the PS3 is going to see a great second half of the year, it seems. Do you?


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