Jul 25, 2008

Is there any truth to reports of an impending major PS3 announcement; SCEE doesn't appear to believe so...

Reports of a MAJOR PlayStation3 first-party announcement to take place on August 3rd have recently hit the net; however, it seems SCEE doesn't have a clue what it could possibly be.

An article on a Playstation blog that we've never come across before until today has whipped fanboys into a stupor, suggesting that the game will be a sequel to an existing title but sporting a new look and gameplay features. To add even more hype to the claims, the original article suggests it will easily surpass the likes of Killzone 2, MAG, and inFamous.

Amidst suggestions of a new Syphon Filter or Twisted Metal title, TVG contacted SCEE who claimed, "If there is something being announced on the 3rd it has nothing to do with us."

Of course there's every possibility that the MAJOR announcement will take place on August 3rd, perhaps the blog is referring to a SCEA first-party title which they're keeping silently under wraps from their European counterparts.

Or, it could be just one elaborate little joke that has managed to attract a considerable amount of recognition. Either way, we'll keep an eye open on August 3rd, but don't be too surprised if the videogames industry doesn't buckle under a MegaTon announcement next weekend.


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