Jul 26, 2008

Since NCAA Football 09 released on July 15 there have been issues in the game's two newest, and most lauded features: the EA Locker roster system and the online dynasty. The EA Locker lets gamers name players in the game (the NCAA doesn't allow its amateur athletes to be identified by name in games) and then upload their roster file to a public space for others to download. A number of stories around the Net document the serious problems it's faced. We've heard about players or entire teams disappearing, or teams being rated 0 overall. While a fix is on the way, it won't be immediate. According to EA's community site, and confirmed yesterday by EA spokesman Tyrone Miller, a patch to sort the roster issues will arrive the first week of August (it's already been submitted to Microsoft and Sony, and is going through their approval process). Until then, users can stay updated with the latest roster information, along with what rosters aren't causing issues at FreeNCAA09Rosters.com .

As if one problematic new feature wasn't enough for the only college football game in town, new issues have been reported around online dynasties. Sports game blogger Pasta Padre reported glitches that have been echoed by users around the internet. While this apparently only affects around two percent of users, those hit by the bug aren't able to load their online dynasties, are experiencing system freezes, or they're seeing losing teams being awarded wins. As for EA, they know this is happening.

"We are aware of an issue within the Online Dynasty mode with Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of NCAA Football 09 that effects a very small percentage of users," Miller told us. "We have identified the problem and should have a permanent solution in place soon."
After a discussion with EA, Pasta Padre got his dynasty problem fixed, which is a promising sign. Too bad, not every troubled NCAA Football gamer with their online dynasty on hold will get that privilege. EA's ability to fix his problem individually does give us some hope that this problem can be remedied on the server-side so NCAA Football 09 gamers don't have to wait for Sony and Microsoft to approve fixes.


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