Jul 22, 2008

It looks like the Resistance 2 ARG (alternate reality game) should be taken quite seriously. An email from getawarjob.com (attached, after the break) sends interested users to yet another site: America First, America Only. The site features some heavy conspiracy theories about the now-familiar "Project Abraham." Each article featured on this printing press can be enlarged, and will undoubtedly give hints to the next step of this massive ARG.

T - E - L - E - C - O - R - R - E - S - P - O - N - D - E - N - C - E

The war department is lying to you –STOP- We have infiltrated their recruitment center and found your enlistment form –STOP- They are not drafting people to protect our borders –STOP- That is what they SHOULD be doing but instead they are gearing up to invade Europe -STOP- We have little to no data on our enemy over there but they will be knocking on our door soon enough – STOP- If we do not protect our shores we might as well surrender now –STOP-

To learn how the so-called experts are trying to save us search out Project Abraham –STOP- We must warn you that it is not a pretty sight –STOP-

Sent from the Alliance for American Autonomy AMERICA FIRST AMERICA ONLY


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