Jul 20, 2008

On our recent post about the new PlayTV, one of Product Reviews readers asked if the new announced 80gb Sony PS3 will have rear USB slots as the current 40gb model doesn’t have any at the rear.

They did not want the PlayTV sticking out at the front of the Playstation 3, after a little research we cannot confirm if they will be back or front, but it does not look good from what we read on Stuff.

The 80GB will come with the same feature set as the pared down model. So limited USB connectivity and no backwards compatibility with PS2 games.

If that’s true then we could expect nearly everything to be the same, including the USB ports. This will affect buyer’s decisions when looking at the PlayTV.

The new 80GB PS3 will be coming to the UK on August 27th and it’s a good deal at £299, the same price as the 40GB model. Looks like things will pretty much be the same, apart from the extra 40GB.

Would you prefer improved USB connections and a better position on the PS3?


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