Jul 24, 2008

This is only a rumour.But a rumor that swells, which swells ...Indeed, those who were able to complete Metal Gear Solid 4 and were attentive to the generic may have noticed strange words: "VOICE OF GOD: Hideo Kojima."

The problem is that nobody has heard any voice of God, where the voice of Kojima by the way, in the game And now, it's more than a month that many players are looking ... in vain.Some tracks appear, quickly scanned.Among the rumors, is also a fantasy that juicy: December 12, or 6 months to the day after leaving the game, something will trigger in the game (sync with the clock NSP, no means of cheat).About a new purpose. Or rather ...Following the end.For those who have finished the game, you understand the concept of 6 months.And then remember the stunning announcement of the surprise last-minute included in the game, and that nobody has noticed ...If it was triggered after the fact, it would be huge!

Note: This was originally in French and was automatically translated.


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