Jul 21, 2008

Over on the PS Blog, the executive producer for BioShock revealed some detailed information on trophy content for the upcoming PS3 version. In fact, the post divulged that the trophies mentioned were identical to the achievements found in the original Xbox 360 game. It is very likely that the remainder trophies will follow just the same.

Silver trophy "Historian" is exactly the same as the 360 achievement of the same name which requires players to find all audio diaries. Gold trophy "Brass Balls" requires players to complete the game on hard mode with all Vita-Chambers turned off. This one is also identical to the 360 achievement of the same name. Some of the bronze trophies will revolve around the in-game systems "like Researching, Modifying Weapons, Hacking, and Crafting." In total, only a very few trophies were mentioned, but it wouldn't be surprising if some of these achievements find their way into the PS3 version.

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