Jul 21, 2008

Those of you who are thinking of using LittleBigPlanet as your ticket to champagne wishes and caviar dreams after reading our last post might want to rethink your plans. "SCEE and Media Molecule can guarantee that all consumer-generated content will be free at launch. We know how important this is to the LBP community and what we want most is for people to enjoy playing, creating and sharing their content," SCEE told Eurogamer after being notified of David Reeves' statements. They emphasized that Reeves "was talking about how user-generated content could potentially evolve in the long term" and that any future direction of LBP "will include the community and focus purely on enhancing the user experience."

Adding to the confusion, last month at GDC Paris during a keynote presentation, Media Molecule co-founder Mark Healey said "that's a fantastic idea" in response to a question of whether LBP user-generated content can be sold.

We think having the option of selling user-generated content, if implemented correctly, can be positive for the community. So did Reeves reveal something he wasn't suppose to yet? Can we kiss charging for LBP content good-bye?


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