Aug 12, 2008

Glen Khaner was the unfortunate soul that was selected for this week's injection on the Resistance 2 ARG website Project Abraham. He died a horrific death in the latest video. What separates Khaner death from any other so far is if you examine his dossier, it shows a transcribed conversation he had with Nathan Hale, he admits that he intentionally failed a placement exam in order for him to be sent to Alaska. If you listen closely to Dr. Aklin's recordings she mentions her past relationship she had with Glen where she "broke his heart" and talks about the guilt she is feeling as she falls for Hale. This is when one realizes Khaner entered Project Abraham just so he could be in the proximity of Alkin.

Hale's induction video is now available to view as he is one of the candidates for injection. Currently, he is steady at 76%. Who are you voting for this week? Hale's induction video is now viewable and he is one of the candidates for injection.

America First America Only's (AFAO) weekly newsletter uncovers more secret government plans; the abandonment of US coastlines in the event of an invasion. Schematics of a fortress the government intents on sending people to in the case of an attack are presented to us. Accusations of brainwashing TV signals, as well a list of people who sent in tips last week can be seen on the back of the newsletter. Check it out here.

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