Aug 11, 2008

While the PlayStation Network cards are indeed available at several relatively obscure retailers around the world, they're not yet on sale at places like GameStop. However, as we gather more evidence of the PSN cards popping up in a variety of new places, it seems obvious that gamers will soon be able to purchase them just about anywhere.

Thanks to one reader, we now know of another store that currently carries the PSN card: AAFES, or Army Air Force Exchange Services. The picture here shows the $20 and $50 PSN cards on sale in just such a location, and it seems we can also expect the cards to be available at NEX (Navy Exchange Services) stores as well. If you are a member of either armed services branch, you have access to such places, or if you know a member, they can get you a visitor's pass. It's good to know that, at the very least, Sony is taking care of the guys in the service, and this should indicate a more widespread distribution of the long-awaited PSN cards. If you're not yet familiar, the cards act very much like a pre-paid telephone card; you simply pay for the amount on the card any way you wish, return home, and dump the money into your PSN Wallet. From there, you can use the funds to purchase whatever you like on the Store.

AAFES and NEX retailers are located throughout the U.S. and in other countries, so if you are in the military or know someone in the military, perhaps you could score a few of these cards right now. But in the meantime, we'll continue to gather up as much information as we can; it shoudn't be much longer before they're commonly sold everywhere.


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