Jul 15, 2008

CEO of SCEA Jack Tretton talks up PS3’s power as he shoots down this week’s big rumour
Following fervent speculation that Metal Gear Solid 4 would follow Final Fantasy in becoming a PlayStation-associated brand that moves onto Xbox 360, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton has argued no other console could handle the technical demands of Konami’s the Konami title.

Speaking to assembled press at the platform holder's conference in LA earlier today, Tretton added that the Blu-Ray capabilities of PS3 had already seen of HD-DVD – and would now see off the company’s console competition.

“PS3 offers an experience for both gamers and developers no other console can match,” he said.

“Metal Gear Solid is not only exclusive on PS3 – it’s only possible on PS3, thanks in part to Blu-Ray.“

He added: "PS3 drove the Blu-Ray format to victory and now the Blu-Ray format is poised to return the favour.”


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