Jul 14, 2008

According to the Official Playstation Blog, Warhawk v1.4 will be released on July 16 @ 3:00AM PST. Along with this release, a new gameplay modes will be available for download that can be used in every map including the booster packs.

The new modes are known as Hero & Collection Modes.

The Hero mode is a team-based game where one player will be randomly selected to be the Hero. Other team must kill the Hero to earn points. As for the Hero’s team getting points, the selected Hero must be the one who must kill the other team players to score a point.

The Collection Mode is basically a multi flag CTF. There are 4 energy cores scattered around the map, generally positioned in the center or between the 2 team’s main bases. Each team has a Reactor where Energy Cores are taken to score points.


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