Jul 19, 2008

Of the big 3, Sony always seems to be the one having trouble making course corrections. Take the E3 God of War III trailer this year. Time and time again Sony makes the mistake of putting out CGI only trailers. Killzone 2 is looking to be decent, but that CGI trailer has put so many people off. Instead we’re over looking at what Insomniac is doing with Nathan Hale. Not that a CGI trailer would hurt God of War. While popular among gamers, the series has never done mega blockbuster sales. Far better than average, but nothing that would cause Call of Duty or Halo to look over their shoulders. But it does well, and that's because the games are fantastic.

With all of that baggage we come to the God of War III trailer. It wasn’t a surprise announcement to anybody, and it was certainly less embarrassing than the Wii Music fiasco over at Nintendo’s conference. This was a full on formal announcement of the game, nothing more. I can accept that. But with the recent past being what it is Sony should have pushed to have at least a few seconds of gameplay in the trailer.

Let’s be honest, the trailer itself wasn’t that good anyways. I’d rather have seen some slightly janky gameplay then CGI rendered Kratos on top of a pile of rubble, but maybe that’s just me. The game will likely be good, but Sony’s presentation of it leaves much to be desired. They should realize that the power of the PS3 doesn’t just lay in the ability to create pretty CGI cutscenes. There’s a lot of horsepower to show off gameplay and innovation the other 2 consoles can’t hope to achieve. In the end there isn’t chaos, only disappointment.


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