Jul 16, 2008

Sony is looking to repeat the success it found with MLB 08 The Show with NBA 09 The Inside. The first-party basketball game is being handled by SCEA San Diego Studios -- the same team that took care of the well-received MLB 08. Sony revealed new screens and talk new details about this upcoming basketball game, scheduled for release on PS3 on October 7th.

1080p and 60fps are being promised yet again for this realistic-looking sports game. The Inside adds a new mode for the PS3, "The Life," which offers players the ability to see life inside the NBA through a story-based campaign. Franchise Mode is expanded upon greatly, with a new focus on performance and player morale. Stats will be tracked on a variety of levels, such as salary, playing time, trades, team performance

Other features include the return of NBA Replay, which allows players to relive great basketball performances from the '07-'08 season, and upcoming downloadable NBA games from the '08-'09 season. In addition to a boost in AI, online functionality will be expanded upon. Expect to easily show off customizable characters and improved leaderboards.

The graphics have, as expected, been improved, and Havok physics has been implemented as well. Two min-games will round out this incredibly fully-featured basketball package. Check out the first screens:


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