Jul 17, 2008

Today's PSN update will feature the Metal Gear Online "Gene Expansion." It will come in two varieties, starting at $11.99. The basic expansion will add Meryl and Akiba as playable characters, and three new maps:

Coppertown Conflict -- Wide streets, underground passages, and rooftop areas that are ideal for close to medium range combat.

Tomb of Tubes
-- An intricate labyrinth of underground passages that are ideal for close to medium range combat.

Virtuos Vista
-- An outdoor map with natural terrain that is ideal for medium to long range combat.

In addition, there will be a new "Survival Mode" and you will be able to create a custom female character. For $14.99, players will also get an additional character slot.

If paying money doesn't suit your tastes, Konami is still adding free DLC to the Metal Gear Online experience today. Metal Gear Online will also be updated with MGOnline Reward Points and an in-game shop. By playing the game, filling out questionairres and winning tournaments, players will earn Reward Points which can be used to unlock new gear for your character. This will be available for all players of Metal Gear Online.

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