Aug 11, 2008

We all have noticed the lack of PS One games on the North American PS Store and we are all wondering when the rest of them will be available for us to purchase. We are in luck, because the original Street Fighter Alpha will be coming to the PSN this Thursday. For all of you who may not know what Street Fighter Alpha is; it is part of the Street Fighter series and it was the title that prequeled the main Street Fighter game, informing us of the warriors' back stories.

If you didn't get a chance to play this game or just decided not to purchase it for the PS One. This is your chance to give the classic game a try. This Thursday during the weekly scheduled PS Store update, Street Fighter Alpha will be available for download onto your PS3 or your PSP. There hasn't been much word from Capcom in regards to the price for this particular game but I can imagine it is going to be in the same neighbourhood as the rest of the PS One games we have seen on the PSN.

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