Jul 30, 2008

EA released their incredibly dry Q1 financial report for investors last night. Nestled amongst the self-congratulations and expectations for the future lie some interesting numbers regarding console-specific income. Put bluntly, the PS3 is EA's largest source of income right now, and has been since the beginning of 2008. Not bad for a console Riccitiello regrets backing.

For those of you who can't get enough of numbers, here's a breakdown how much, in millions, each console brought to the EA table at the end of Q1 2008 (April - June) . Bracketed numbers show the amount of income generated during the same period last year, followed by the percentage increase. For more details, including plenty of fun tabulated data, check out the report for yourself.

PS3: 139mln (13mln, 969%)
360: 81mln (47mln, 72%)
PS2: 79mln (61mln, 30%)
Wii: 57mln (29mln, 97%)

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