Jul 30, 2008

The extremely niche Armored Core series continued with for Answer -- a sequel to Armored Core 4. The title was released back in March in Japan, and since then fell off the radar for any hope of a US release. However, that's all changed as Gamecyte has discovered that Ubisoft will be picking up the game and will ship the mechanized warfare to North America.

The move is a stealthy one as we haven't heard anything regarding the game for months. Oddly enough, the game is scheduled to be released sometime between August and September. Siliconera suggests for Answer might be heavily discounted for cheap bucks due to the lack of marketing; that might actually sound bad if localization is to be sacrificed. If you're wondering even more about the game, check out the embedded trailer, and even better still, download the demo off the Japanese PS Store.


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