Jul 30, 2008

Sony is looking to clear the air surrounding their upcoming PS3 online portal, Home. In a presentation given by SCEE's Darren Cairns and Liam Wickham at the Develop Conference event, they have outlined that the focus is on gaming and definitely not on social networking.

You may have come to the conclusion from the screen shots and features let out so far the vision for Home was akin to that of Second Life, but according to Cairns and Wickham . it is the furthest thing from their minds. "Home is not a social network - it's focused on games. It's a visual representation of the PlayStation community."

This message is sure to have been intended to placate users from both sides of the console fence, with critisism of the service coming in thick and fast. Most gamers have indicated that they definitely do not want an artificial gateway between them and their gaming. It seems that living rooms hosting movies with your photos hanging up are for real life.

They also revealed that the closed beta would be expanding imminently and that open beta is still scheduled to roll out this year.


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