Jul 31, 2008

Scott Steinberg, speaking to GamesIndustry.biz at E3, said that using the PS3 as a native development platform for games will result in subsequent ports' "fidelity getting better and better - and in fact I think even Xbox 360 games will start to look better as a result."

When asked about whether developers of third party titles will switch to the PS3 as the native development platform, SCEA's Vice President of Product marketing cites Burnout Paradise as "a great example of a game that shipped fairly recently that showed what you can do if you start originally on PS3" and that "as they realize that if you start on the PS3 other platforms look better, it starts to become a no-brainer." That's the mantra Sony's been promoting since GDC, when they introduced PhyreEngine.

With major multiplatform titles like Dead Space and Mirror's Edge declaring PS3 as its lead development platform, we'll soon have points of comparison to either validate or debunk Steinberg's statements.


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