Aug 2, 2008

See the stylish clothes all the boys are wearing in Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Apparently, they come from the designs of the Japanese label ROEN. Their collaboration with Square Enix means they are designing clothing worn by the characters in the game. Additionally, you will be able to purchase some of the designs. Looking at ROEN's official website though, we see a leather blazer costing a jaw-dropping 346,500 yen (about $3,223 USD)!! This collaboration is certainly taking the cost of cosplay to a whole new level.

The concept to their autumn/winter 2008-09 collection is Play Boy -- "The theme of this imaginative story is set with men, who have shed-off their hippy image and are invited to a high society party ... ROEN is reborn to a mature, gorgeous and classy style." We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried.

Also of interest is that the trailer of Versus XIII shown earlier today at DKΣ3713 contains the words "PlayStation 3 only Worldwide" at the end. This appears to again confirm Versus XIII's PS3 exclusivity worldwide. But then again, Final Fantasy XIII had very similar words at the end of its trailers ...


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