Jul 28, 2008

Reaching Episode 6 means you’re halfway through completing the game and tying up all the knots of the story. Episode 5 left us hanging when Sam and Melissa are in pursue of Bella while Howard and Miyako are facing trouble on their way to escaping the village. With Amana getting her memories back, what dangers does that entail, and how is she involved with what’s going on in the village?

Episode 6 will take you to first control Howard in the mining area where Sam was first found in Episode 2. The environment is set in daylight, but don’t think it will be scary at all. You’ll be exploring deep into the underground mine, and you’ll have to rely on Howard’s flashlight at all times when you’re down there. Follow the map if you want to complete this episode in less than 15 minutes.

After Howard’s mission, you’ll have to control Bella. This is the most disappointing mission because all you have to do is guide her to the church to meet her parents. I’ve finished this mission in less than three minutes. So If I were to combine the total play time of both Howard’s and Bella’s mission, Episode 6 will roughly take 10-15 minutes.

When it comes to a scare factor, the only time I get the feel of the game is when I am in the underground mine, chasing the pursuer. Bella’s mission didn’t make me feel scared. It’s mediocre because all I had to do is try to run into the church.

Episode 6’s plot is getting interesting, but the main disappointment is how short this episode is. Since we’re six episodes away to the finale of the game, the twists are becoming weirder and weirder. Hopefully in the next episode, the scare factor continues and the gameplay length for each episode is at least 30 minutes.


Episode – 7.9/10

It’s becoming more complicated! Is this a dream or a reality? What is Amana’s purpose in the game?

Scare Factor – 7.5/10
Average. You’ll only get the scare factor feeling when you’re in the underground mine and that’s it.

Game Length – 6.9/10
One of the shortest episodes. It only took me 10-15 minutes to complete this episode.

Overall – 7.4/10

Episode 6 was not something I expected. It’s a mediocre episode. They’ve added some questions to the end that might either annoy you or confuse you.


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