Jul 31, 2008

A rather gruesome video of Channing Brown's injection has been posted on projectabraham.com. The video is graphic and you need to enter your date of birth to view it. Word of advice: make sure you don't watch this during lunch. Like the last update, you can now vote for the next unfortunate soul to be experimented on -- Frank Gennaro, Kenneth Danby or Keith Oster. The upper left corner now contains a Rolodex card to fill out your name, phone number and e-mail. Also of note is this personality test and a tape recording of Dr. Aklin's sentiments.

We also found some new documents on SrpaNet via NeoGAF. We won't give everything away, but here's a hint -- type in "SEC howardp:belinda" and it will log you into the terminal. If you manage to access the right files, they contain a "Controlled" seal and a number. Other files contain pictures of Chimera.

One of the document numbers is "i2p8y0bynt2k" and you can head over to America First America Only and submit it into their tip box. The newsletter has also been updated. This is what we found so far after playing with it since last night, but if you guys find anything else, let us all know in the comments.


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