Jul 22, 2008

In a not so recent interview (it has been spotted/in print since April), Haruki Suzaki (project director for Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection) and Ryuichi Enomoto (international sales rep) talk to Filipino gaming mag GamEX Magazine about Tekken 6, which is currently out in arcades. The most important information regarding the game involves Suzaki tentatively revealing that Tekken 6 is due for a December 2008 release worldwide on consoles.

However, when pressed for more information regarding PS3-exclusivity, Suzaki replied "No. It hasn't been determined yet as of the moment ..." The statement -- given how the Tekken series has been strictly placed on PlayStation platforms for the past decade -- raises some eyebrows towards the possibility of Tekken 6 landing elsewhere as well. Suzaki reaffirms that the game is still being primarily developed for the PS3 ... but with that in mind, it sounds like Namco could end up pulling an FFXIII.


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