Jul 26, 2008

The update is available by starting Metal Gear Online, at which time you will be prompted to download and install the update.

Note:The MGO Rewards Shop is not up yet.

Sony announced a lot of stuff in their long E3 conference such as Zipper’s MAG and Bend’s Resistance Retribution but is there more they are not showing us? Sony has acquired a lot of studio over the past ten years and not all of them have produce games since acquisition, what is going on? Are they hiding something from the gamers? Will we see more in TGS?

Clap Hanz – Maker of Hot Shots Series, will we see Hot Shots Tennis on the PS3? Clap Hanz have yet to announce their next game since the release of their Hot Shots Golf last year. It’s been a year according to the Japanese time-line, what are the teams working on now? Will they stay true to their favorite series or will they innovate? We may see something in TGS 2008.

Team Ico – Ok, we know it’s coming, but we have yet to see anything other than that one full page Famitsu ad and some funky high def screenshot of a dungeon looking stage. More detail in TGS please!!

Incognito – Founded in 1999 and acquired at the turn of the last decade, the maker of Warhawk has yet to release or show another game since the inception of Warhawk. The team may have been downsized since the days of David Jaffe and now a functional part of Santa Monica studio, but come on, you tell me for the past year they have done nothing but updating new maps and modes for Warhawk? I don’t believe it. Give me a new Jet Moto or Twisted Metal Next Gen, or are you helping on the development of God of War?

Naughty Dog – 85 employee strong team, founded in 1986, acquired by Sony in 2001. The maker of Uncharted Drake’s Fortune; rumors has it that they are working on Uncharted 2. I would like to see this studio expand and take on both Uncharted and Jak at the same time just like Insomniac took on both Ratchet and Resistance!

BigBig Studio – Acquired along with Evolution Studio in September 2007, BigBig has yet to step up to release schedule since the inception of Pursuit Force for the PSP, what games are they working on??

SCE London Studio – You are looking at Sony’s biggest internal development studio with 250+ employees sitting in air conditioned 7 story building for the past 3 years. The only thing they have released was SingStar which is a low-budget, non-program intensive game (It’s still a good game), but can you imagine 250 dudes sitting in a building for 3 years trying to make something but hasn’t produced any results? With Get Away and Eight Days canned, this team must be doing something that they are not telling us.

SCE Studio Cambridge – Acquired in 1997, the last game the maker of MediEvil released was licensed property of 24: The Game for the PS2 in March of 2006. It’s been a while since we heard anything from a team of 90 employees. What is up guys? Where are my games?

SCE Studio Liverpool – Psygnosis was founded in 1984 and acquired by Sony in 1993 in preparation for the release of the first PlayStation to strengthen the first party library. This is one of Sony’s old pillars and has created numerous hit European titles such as F1, Wipeout series. With 100 employees, could they be working only on WipeOut HD? I am not convinced that it takes 2-3 years to create a HD version of Wipeout. They must be in production of another game. We may see it later this year in smaller European gaming events. Not to mention that Sony gave up their F1 license..so we may see something entirely new.

SCE Korea – Nothing much is known about this division, since formation of SCE Korea nothing much have been announced. We will most likely see EyeToy games from these guys as SCE London passes the torch.

Close friends, Second Party Companies. Whatever you want to call them. Here are more spaces to watch out for:

David Jaffe’s Eat Sleep Play- Three exclusive games for Sony, and Twisted Metal they were working on is not considered one of the three exclusives; that means they haven't even announced one yet.

Ted Price’s Insomniac - a new studio in North Carolina is said to make brand new games for Sony. I wonder….

Ready At Dawn – since shipping the PSP dev kits back, we have yet to hear from them. Are they still with us?

Rockstars – What exclusive games awaits, what is Jack Tretton talking about last year???

Level 5 – Sony has lost a lot of friends in this generation, the last big one was Square Enix. Will L-5 show some love? Will Sony acquire them after the release of White Knight Story?

Nippon Ichi – maker of famous Disgaea series, they have about 95% of their production staff on PlayStation platform since day 1, what games will they make next?

Hideo Kojima’s next project – will it be multiplatform? Will the success of MGS4 keep Hideo faithful to the PS3 in its darkest hours? We’ll find out.

Quantic Dream - Developing Heavy Rain for PS3 Exclusively, they also own a strong Mo-Cap studio. Sony likes to diversify and cut cost. Acquisition of QD will do just that.


The Playstation 3 version of Soul Calibur 4 doesn’t have a rumble option for the DualShock 3 controller. A TalkPlaystation.com member has sent in an email to say that he got the game early (breaking the street date) and simply told us that he looked in every possible menu when he realised there is no rumble in the game. Apparently an update was released on Friday and that didn’t add rumble support either.

Lets hope Namco Bandai will add rumble support in a future update or something.


Pioneer Erick Hansen, chair of Blue Ray Technologies, and fonder both in first DVD-ROM Games and DVDs, says latest E3 lineup and major manufacturers' promotional spending by consumers leads to $40 billion on games, $30 billion on DVD/BD movies -- retail price difference the factor. Hansen says games will outstrip movies in 3-5 years, but warns of tech probs that could derail all.

Spokane, WA (PRWEB) July 26, 2008 -- The recent avalanche of movie studio quality titles at the E3 and upcoming Comincon conventions have shown that Hollywood no longer owns a lock on preteens, with games like Halo, Grand Theft Auto and even retro-oriented Mario Brothers can earn as much as any blockbuster movie, according to industry figures and industry pundit Erick Hansen.

Since the sea change since industry leader Warner Bros' support of Blu-ray over rival HD-DVD format, all assumed it would be PS3's world, since it plays PS3 film and games.

In fact, Hansen assumes that the richness of graphics, speed of processor and massive storage (from 25GB to 50GB depending on double sided) -- and up to 400GB in near future -- are what is required from many of the new generations of games -- unless you want to change disks every number of scenes.

Which is why he strongly believes Microsoft's Xbox decision not to go with a Blu-ray drive will hurt it seriously as major game developers from need more graphics, options for players and video back-story.

"It is tragic they have chosen this. Tragic for players and tragic for the industry, which will want one disc that makes their fantasies come to life," said Hansen. "There is a semi-magic 'depth of immersion' that BD can provide that will be -- that is becoming -- the definition of gaming."

However even Hansen, who made the first three-million selling "Wing of Commander" for Creative Labs, sees more in the future.

"I have some misgivings -- there can be a better level of consumer experience -- the chips they are making use of, and the next gen -- can give the players an ever better sense of the game -- a transport away from reality that's more than a movie, a richness in graphics that not been seen of a chip in PS3 codecs and compression, and multiple layers -- and that is what Blue Ray Technologies has been working on for years."

He has a few more predictions: "The video game industry will exceed movie industry on BR. This is one of the largest evolving in the world. Entertainment always does excel in tough economic times -- since the depression. Blu ray music movies, games and software will do well, sporting themselves will price themselves out of market, when it costs $150 to go to the ballpark, and gas end everything else is involved."


UbiSoft today revealed new details about coverage at the upcoming Game Convention, which is held Germany. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction, the fifth installment of the the series, will not be heard from at the convention, due to the fact that it has been delayed for the million time this year. But, other than that, they have a very strong line-up this year that cover’s everything from family friendly titles to the hardcore set. As I leave you with this list, which same line-up they had shown at E3 2008, you can expect deeper into each tile at the convention.

- Far Cry 2 (PS3, Xbox 360)
- Tom Clancy´s EndWar (PS3, Xbox 360)
- Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party (Wii, NDS)
- Prince of Persia (PS3, Xbox 360)
- Prince of Persia: The Fallen King (NDS)
- Shaun White Snowboarding (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii)
- Tom Clancy´s HAWX (PS3, Xbox 360)
- Naruto – The Broken Bond (Xbox 360)


Since NCAA Football 09 released on July 15 there have been issues in the game's two newest, and most lauded features: the EA Locker roster system and the online dynasty. The EA Locker lets gamers name players in the game (the NCAA doesn't allow its amateur athletes to be identified by name in games) and then upload their roster file to a public space for others to download. A number of stories around the Net document the serious problems it's faced. We've heard about players or entire teams disappearing, or teams being rated 0 overall. While a fix is on the way, it won't be immediate. According to EA's community site, and confirmed yesterday by EA spokesman Tyrone Miller, a patch to sort the roster issues will arrive the first week of August (it's already been submitted to Microsoft and Sony, and is going through their approval process). Until then, users can stay updated with the latest roster information, along with what rosters aren't causing issues at FreeNCAA09Rosters.com .

As if one problematic new feature wasn't enough for the only college football game in town, new issues have been reported around online dynasties. Sports game blogger Pasta Padre reported glitches that have been echoed by users around the internet. While this apparently only affects around two percent of users, those hit by the bug aren't able to load their online dynasties, are experiencing system freezes, or they're seeing losing teams being awarded wins. As for EA, they know this is happening.

"We are aware of an issue within the Online Dynasty mode with Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of NCAA Football 09 that effects a very small percentage of users," Miller told us. "We have identified the problem and should have a permanent solution in place soon."
After a discussion with EA, Pasta Padre got his dynasty problem fixed, which is a promising sign. Too bad, not every troubled NCAA Football gamer with their online dynasty on hold will get that privilege. EA's ability to fix his problem individually does give us some hope that this problem can be remedied on the server-side so NCAA Football 09 gamers don't have to wait for Sony and Microsoft to approve fixes.


The Playstation 3 version of Namco Bandai’s fighting em up, Soul Calibur 4 doesn’t support trophies. It has an in-game achievement system called required honor. Basically when you unlock something, it will pop up on the screen notifying you that you’ve unlocked what you’ve just achieved. To view the achievement you need to head over to the meseum at the battle records.

Also, there is no support for custom in-game music.


Jul 25, 2008

The rumor surrounding the possibility of being able to download Yoda on the PS3, and Vader on the 360, edged a tad bit closer to reality today, as supposed leaked in-game screens and video seem to confirm their simultaneous existence in the game.

The website housing both the leaked images (shown above and below), and the video which appears at the tail end of this article, claims that the content comes directly from Namco and has not been altered in any way.

While the screens are being reported as those of the Xbox 360 version (made evident by the green and red select buttons shown below), the site also states their belief that the PS3 version will share the same DLC option for Yoda.

Images have been known to be shopped on the web, but the addition of the video, which surfaced shortly after the screens were leaked, makes it hard for us to deny that, at the very least, there is some version of the game out there that contains the two characters.

Assuming that this confirms Namco’s intent to release both Yoda and Vader as DLC on their respective consoles, there is still no mention of price, and it’s hard to believe that a merger of two forces this epic would come for free.

Watch The Video And See More Screenshots Here


A third Resistance ARG website, after projectabraham.com and getawarjob.com, has spawned up. The name is SpraNet and it appears to be simulated remote access via Telnet to a database. Typing up commands such as "GET DISEASECONTROL" will load up an article titled Bahamas Quarantined. But it's all blurry and unreadable ... until you type in "RES" which will rid of the blur. Another little trick is to type "HELP" which gives you some commands to help you get started. See what you can figure out by clicking here.


It's time to get your translating hats on, everyone. A Japanese trailer for Cross Edge has hit the airwaves and we have no idea what it's saying. We see a ton of cast members, from Darkstalkers, Disgaea, the Atelier series (including Mana Khemia) as well as Ar Tonelico, doling out some voice-acting skills and massive damage.

We're not quite sure what the game is about or how all these characters end up fighting alongside the main characters of the game, but the battles seem frenetic and entertaining. We're itching to see more because 2D is far from dead.


During the '80s the top-down shooter was a staple of arcades. Manufacturers slapped plenty of eight-way joysticks onto arcade cabinets so gamers could get their fix - which usually involved piloting a ship through space or blasting away at aliens and asteroids. Perhaps that's why Capcom's 19xx series stood out. It played it safe with a fan-favorite genre - the first entry, 1942, was a top-down shooter. However, it experimented with conventions. Instead of futuristic outer space, 1942 dipped back into history, putting the player in the middle of World War II. Instead of a spacecraft as the vehicle of choice, Capcom threw players into the cockpit of a fighter plane.

That simple historical twist on a familiar arcade genre resulted in an instant classic for Capcom. The company put out five more entries over the next sixteen years (tweaking gameplay mechanics here-and-there) and ended the series in 2000. Now, gamers have a chance to relive the original game in downloadable form. 1942: Joint Strike carries a small price tag ($10) and faithfully updates the classic twitch-based gameplay of the original with a few bonuses (both in graphics and multiplayer) that should please fans and newcomers alike.

The 19xx series has never been big on story - you're just one man against an entire army of fighter planes - and Joint Strike continues this tradition. You're thrown into the action and expected to know what to do. This idea begins to make sense as soon as the first set of planes comes near you; you quickly realize it's kill or be killed.

To take on wave-after-wave of enemy craft (which includes fighter planes, battleships, tanks, and helicopters), you've got your main weapon: a standard machine gun. This can be upgraded by picking up power-ups that change it into everything from a rocket launcher to a laser turret. Collecting sequential weapon power-ups widens its spread and increases your firepower. Charge shots can be performed by holding down the fire button for an extended period of time and then releasing it. However, these shots only have one charge level; you can't build up to higher, more powerful blasts. If you want rapid fire, tough luck. Joint Strike is meant to play like an old school arcade cabinet, so you have to continually hammer down the fire button; there's no ability to simply hold down fire and rest your poor finger.

Even those with the itchiest of trigger fingers are going to run into a jam - sometimes the screen fills with so many enemies it can be overwhelming. But hey, that's what bombs are for. You start each life with three, and a simple tap of the bomb button unleashes an explosion that helps clear the screen. The other powerful attack you have in your arsenal is the joint strike. You can store up to eight of these attacks, which dishes out a torrent of missiles at unsuspecting enemies. The joint strike meter can be refilled and is weighted toward offensive players - the quicker you kill more enemies, the faster it refills.

Each of the five stages in Joint Strike follows the same pattern: you try to survive waves of attackers and make it to the final boss. Once the boss is beaten, you're cleared for the next stage. To keep you from hanging near the back of the screen (and removed from the action), the developers instituted a multiplier mechanic. The closer you get to an enemy before you destroy it, the higher your multiplier. Multipliers (which go up to 16) give your score a boost. For example, if destroying a certain plane type normally nets 500 points, getting a 16 multiplier from it turns it into a 8,000 point kill.

The multiplier concept reinforces Joint Strike's arcade roots: this is a game all about high scores. You can pick up medals during flight to net points and every level has rankings based on time completion and play style that - you guessed it - reward you with more points. Persistent online leaderboards bring the high score mentality home as well.

Besides an obsession with high scores, Joint Strike has one other thing in common with its predecessors: its difficulty. This is one hard game, but it's never unfair. Like most top-down shooters, the main gamer characteristic being tested is your reflexes. However, reflexes alone aren't enough - they need to be combined with a memorization of enemy and boss patterns.

The majority of players - even on easy - won't beat the game on their first or second try. To help curb the steep difficulty there are four levels of play to choose from, ranging from easy (Penguin) to very hard (Wing King). Starting a game on Penguin will give you nine lives, while embarking on a Wing King mission will test your skill by giving you just a single life. Oh, and lives are important for beginners because the game has no continues. Die and it's back to the beginning.


It seems that developers are starting to support the Trophy system more and more. This is great, it finally gives all the players a better chance to receive their first trophy if not more. So we have compiled a list of games that are and will support trophies. If we missed any or if any are wrong comment below and we will look into it.


Super Stardust HD (already available)

Ferrari Challenge (undated)

Pixel Junk Eden (soon)

Uncharted (August 22nd)

Warhawk (soon in v1.5)

Rockband 2 (undated)

Bioshock (on release)

Pain (around sound time as expansion, theme park)

Resistance 2 (on release)

Little Big Planet (on release)

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation

NBA: 09

Buzz Quizz TV

MotorStorm Pacific Rift

Killzone 2

Project Origin (on release)

Borderlands (on release)

Brothers in Arms Hell’s Highway (on release)

Aliens: Colonial Marines (on release)

WipEout HD (on release)

Burnout Paradise (patch)

Rumoured/ possible

Bionic Commando Rearmed (They are looking into it)

Mirror’s Edge (they are looking into it)

Battlefield Bad Company (are them the trophies? or?)

Not getting

Ratchet and Clank: quest for booty (not on release and no word if after)

Devil May Cry 4 (they believe it has it’s own ‘little’ trophy system)

Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (the team behind this has moved on)

Call of Duty 4 (they feel its arrived to late to be integrated)

Resistance: Fall of Man (don’t want to postpone development on R2)

Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction (focusing on R2)

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (No plans for trophy support)


This list is still a work in progress but please do add what games are missing including a reason, if one.


DC Universe Online probably won't be out until this time next year, but it's already playable today at Comic Con. Can't make it? Mr. Rubenstein of the PlayStation Blog has your back. The video above shows the game's Creative Director, Jens Anderson, giving us a tour of the game in its current state. The character visuals may look a little rough, but the gameplay looks pretty interesting. For an MMO.

We love the look of running up and down buildings and throwing cars in a persistent world on the PS3, but can't help feeling a niggle at the back of our mind. Why couldn't it be Marvel Universe Online? Maybe one day ...


Here are the reviews from the latest copy of UK mag PSM3.


Soul Calibur IV: 85%: Not quite the technical equal of Virtua Fighter but still brilliant.

Siren: Blood Curse: 80%: Some episodes are a bit short, but Sirens's tense horror is ace.

Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli: 71%: We've come to expect big things from full-priced racers and this is just a fair racing sim.

Shikitei (Japan Import): 55%: A garden design utility that's as pretty as it is pointless.

The Incredible Hulk: 55%: Smashing is fun, but there's no real depth.

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith: 78%
Kung Fu Panda: 72%
Wall-E: 42%


Alone in the Dark: 47%
Monster Jam: 23%


Secret Agent Clank: 73%: Clank's first starring role stops short of brilliance because of niggly problems.

Space Invaders Extreme: 82%

0-29. Rubbish. An absolute stinker and an insult to gaming. The makers should be ashamed.
30-49. Poor. Why did they do that? Some simple playtesting could of worked wonders.
50-69. All right. Hey it works, and we can see what they are tryin to do. And thats about it.
70-84. Good. Worth playing, especially if you're a fan of the genre. It just lacks that touch of greatness.
85-89. Superb. This is the sweet spot. If a game scores in this zone then it's definitely worth your money.
90+. Amazing. You must get this. Failure to do so would mean missing out on a real console classic.


So let's be honest. Sony's E3 press conference, whilst exciting for PSP owners, was lacking anything particularly tasty for PS3 owners. Barring MAG, there wasn't anything there were weren't already expecting. Speaking to MCV, Sony Europe boss David Reeves has stated that this was a strategic decision. "We cannot tailor all our announcements to July," he says, adding that utilizing E3, the Leipzig Games Convention and the Tokyo Game Show allows them to spread their big announcements out, building hype as they go.

With that said, Reeves promises that the Leipzig Games Convention next month will include some "blockbuster stuff." These announcements won't just be Euro-centric, but will also have a global impact. We already know that Heavy Rain is due to be shown off at the event, but the promise or more announcements has us intrigued. We look forward to finding out more next month.


Is there any truth to reports of an impending major PS3 announcement; SCEE doesn't appear to believe so...

Reports of a MAJOR PlayStation3 first-party announcement to take place on August 3rd have recently hit the net; however, it seems SCEE doesn't have a clue what it could possibly be.

An article on a Playstation blog that we've never come across before until today has whipped fanboys into a stupor, suggesting that the game will be a sequel to an existing title but sporting a new look and gameplay features. To add even more hype to the claims, the original article suggests it will easily surpass the likes of Killzone 2, MAG, and inFamous.

Amidst suggestions of a new Syphon Filter or Twisted Metal title, TVG contacted SCEE who claimed, "If there is something being announced on the 3rd it has nothing to do with us."

Of course there's every possibility that the MAJOR announcement will take place on August 3rd, perhaps the blog is referring to a SCEA first-party title which they're keeping silently under wraps from their European counterparts.

Or, it could be just one elaborate little joke that has managed to attract a considerable amount of recognition. Either way, we'll keep an eye open on August 3rd, but don't be too surprised if the videogames industry doesn't buckle under a MegaTon announcement next weekend.


Just wait for it ... wait for it.

The Japanese ad for SIREN: Blood Curse (now available) is rather shocking. We don't want to ruin the surprise for you, so please just watch. Would an ad like this work in the States? We say: yes.


Jul 24, 2008

Let's not take the subject line without some context, okay? Kaz Hirai stated that Home will truly resonate with consumers and they will love its online services. In that respect, its release date really doesn't matter. He said in an interview with MCV: "I'd much rather make sure we take the time to have a great service rather than rush something into the market ... If we have the right service, it doesn't matter when we launch – so long as it's in a reasonable timeframe." That said, Home is still scheduled to launch this Fall.


This is only a rumour.But a rumor that swells, which swells ...Indeed, those who were able to complete Metal Gear Solid 4 and were attentive to the generic may have noticed strange words: "VOICE OF GOD: Hideo Kojima."

The problem is that nobody has heard any voice of God, where the voice of Kojima by the way, in the game And now, it's more than a month that many players are looking ... in vain.Some tracks appear, quickly scanned.Among the rumors, is also a fantasy that juicy: December 12, or 6 months to the day after leaving the game, something will trigger in the game (sync with the clock NSP, no means of cheat).About a new purpose. Or rather ...Following the end.For those who have finished the game, you understand the concept of 6 months.And then remember the stunning announcement of the surprise last-minute included in the game, and that nobody has noticed ...If it was triggered after the fact, it would be huge!

Note: This was originally in French and was automatically translated.


It's not uncommon to hear parallels being drawn between Fallout 3 and Bethesda Softworks' other big title: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion; even if they are two very different games -- one's fantasy, the other is futuristic sci-fi. The image above is probably the only one out of this new bunch that gives any sort of resemblance to the medieval world of Oblivion. So let's play a little game: can you spot the difference that truly points out that this screen could not have taken place in Oblivion? Look closely. Here's the answer for the lazy: [transmission tower]

Other than that one pic, the rest of the new screenshots in our gallery below are definitely injected with the post apocalyptic vibe that Fallout is known for. Check them out for giant bazookas, mutant roaches, and ... kids in party hats.


As we walk through the scorching heat of the midday sun through the desert that is this year's Summer game drought we find ourselves in the shadow of a falling object. Looking up, we see a care package from the Sony overlords, full of tasty treats to quench our thirst and keep us going for another week. And wow, have they delivered this week. Playable content coming out of our ears and the price of some classic PSN games lowered to just $5. Here's the full release list:

Playable content

Parappa The Rapper full PSP game ($22.99)
Siren Blood Curse full game ($39.99 for the full game or $14.99 per episode)
1942: Joint Strike full game ($9.99)
PixelJunk Eden demo (free)

Add-on content

Guitar Hero III "Virtuoso Pack" ($6.25)
Rock Band DLC (listed after the break)
Check after the break for the rest of today's content drop.
PixelJunk Eden trailer
Street Fighter IV E3 trailer
Street Fighter IV PS3 Special trailer
Bionic Commando Rearmed "The Making Of: Part 1"

Wallpapers and Themes
Street Fighter IV Summer 08 theme
Siren Blood Curse theme
2 Killzone 2 wallpapers
PixelJunk Eden wallpaper
4 Fracture wallpapers
5 Siren wallpapers
Rock Band DLC

Devour - Shinedown ($1.99)
Junkies for Fame - Shinedown ($1.99)
Nine Inch Nails Track Pack 02 ($5.49 includes songs below or songs available individually)
Last - Nine Inch Nails ($1.99)
Burn - Nine Inch Nails ($1.99)
Capital G - Nine Inch Nails ($1.99)

Summer Sale Items (all $5 for one week only)
PixelJunk Monsters (a must-buy, at this price)
High Velocity Bowling
High Stakes: Poker


Yes, we're all bummed by WipEout HD's epilepsy-related delay. However, we're reminded of the old adage, "good things come to those who wait." It appears that the team at Liverpool isn't just sitting around. They've taken this time to add a number of new features to WipEout HD, most exciting of which must be Trophies. A SCEE representative told TVG that the delay has added "8 reverse tracks, 4 extra ships, 2 alternative HUDS, 2 Player offline split screen and XMB Trophy support."

Wow, that's a lot of added content. We're excited for WipEout HD, and we're glad to see more being added to the upcoming racer. Now, we all have to do just one thing: wait.


According to a recent PlayStation Underground e-mail, the next episode of Qore will feature access to the upcoming Resistance 2 multiplayer beta. Online is one of the key selling points of this hotly anticipated PS3 exclusive, with online battles that support up to 60 (!) players.

Let's just hope that the beta available through Qore will arrive on a more timely manner than it has for SOCOM Confrontation (as of this writing, the SOCOM beta is still not available for those that purchased the first episode of Qore). Episode 3 of Qore will be available on August 7th. Update: The beta will be made available in September. Those that buy Episode 3, hold on to your download!


Here it is folks. The man Adam Sessler brings us an exclusive hands on demo of Capcom's latest survival horror masterpiece Resident Evil 5. The game is due out Friday, March 13, 2009 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.


As someone who's ­- as the years march on -- become less interested in how utterly hardcore a fighting game can be and more concerned with how a game can move the genre forward, I'm glad to say that Soul Calibur 4 achieves both. Balanced and feature-rich, SC4 improves on the groundwork of core fighting mechanics laid in the series' previous iterations while giving players a virtual fighting sandbox. Returning characters are tweaked so that they still feel familiar yet fresh, with new moves and chains to which you'll find yourself saying, "Wow, [character name] is a badass this time around" over and over again. All of the returning vets -- Mitsurugi, Voldo, Raphael, Taki, and so on -- retain their signature play styles, but each receives worthwhile adjustments. You can even tag-team characters now (SC finally catches up to Dead or Alive and Tekken in this respect), a feature that's long overdue.

Where SC4 really shines, however, is in its character-creation mode. The more you use your custom characters, the more options you unlock -- with a wealth of weapons and armor pieces offering boosts to strength, impact, speed, and more, while certain stat modifiers improve your chances to escape throws or reverse counters. By selecting attributes designed to compensate for your weaknesses or enhance your play tendencies (or both), you can craft the fighting-game character of your dreams, to a degree that games like Fighter Maker don't begin to approach. That you can use these characters in any mode --- and have their appearance reflected in things like cutscenes -- is just an extra layer of detail that you must see to appreciate.

I may be alone in this, but I also really enjoyed the new characters contributed by various Japanese manga artists. As someone with lots of games to play these days, I need something more to keep me coming back. So, if I ever get tired of playing as Taki or Kilik, I can always fire up one of my custom characters...or, for example, Shura, designed by Gantz creator Hiroya Oku. What I'm saying is, beyond the niceties of an updated Soul Calibur, I'm looking for variety -- and, of course, an overall high-quality experience. In those respects, SC4 delivers in spades.

As of this moment, the PS3 version has the technical edge, since it allows you to install to the hard drive for faster loading times -- but with the upcoming Xbox 360 update that allow gamers to similarly install any game they want, it's almost a moot point. The Xbox 360 version's advantage rests with its exclusive guest Star Wars character, Yoda. The PS3 version is saddled with Darth Vader, but Yoda is the better character of the two, as he's sprightly and nimble, as opposed to the slow and lumbering Vader. Their Force powers are good for yanking people in and setting them up for combos (à la Mortal Kombat's Scorpion and his "Get over here!" spear), but the Jedi masters' move sets are pretty bland overall, reeking of missed opportunity. Why, for example, wasn't one of Darth Vader's hold moves an invisible dark side chokehold? Why doesn't Yoda calmly drop an X-wing on your head with his throw move?

The Apprentice (from LucasArts' upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed -- and present in both versions of SC4) is ridiculously annoying to unlock, too, as you must first defeat him during the story mode with either of the Force users. He's an all-blocking, all-dodging, supercombo, jerk-a-thon of a character to beat with either Yoda or Vader (although he's much easier to beat with the standard SC characters)...but once you unlock the cheap bastard, he's sure fun to play.

SC4's new Critical Finish feature might, at first, seem like a cheap addition as well, resting somewhere between Mortal Kombat's fatalities and Guilty Gear's overpowered Overdrive moves -- but in actual practice, it's primarily used to punish players who turtle too much (overzealous blocking makes the Soul Gauge meter deplete, eventually rendering offenders susceptible to the newfangled fatalities). In all of my versus playtime, I rarely saw Critical Finishes, as the very notion of the Soul Gauge turning red enough to invite these supermoves kept my mind on offense -- and blocking to a minimum.

The long-requested online mode is probably SC4's most worthwhile endeavor. Characters level up with successive victories, and leaderboards reflect the most accomplished combatants. You can brawl using standard default attributes -- or, if you're feeling ballsy, you can enter an arena with your turbo-boosted character and see how he/she stacks up against the competition. The online mode could use a quick-rematch option, though; postfight, the game boots you back to the matchup screen, which seems just a little clunky here in 2008. Still, this mode looks like it received a lot of thought, with options to reserve space for friends in four-player battles or invite people on your friends list into a match (in the PS3 version, anyway -- Xbox Live already has that functionality built in).

Only time will tell whether people will accept SC4 into the pantheon of timeless, classic fighting games, but it looks great, plays extremely well, and has countermeasures for nearly any perceived exploit you may stumble across (like unlockable final boss Algol's slow-moving ranged attacks). The create-a-character mode is amazingly deep, allowing you to assemble your own bionic man, while the new manga-designed fighters add plenty of fun new looks and personalities to play. The Tower of Lost Souls mode is a much better attraction than Soul Calibur 3's Chronicles of the Sword, as it ditches that game's real-time-strategy-lite load-a-thon with more straightforward combat challenges (and rewards). Ironically, as complete a package as SC4 is, the recent release of the original Soul Calibur on Xbox Live actually feels faster and more nimble than its newer brother; that doesn't make it a better game, but it's an interesting observation.

So with the classic, new-school, and infinitely customizable character roster at the ready, and with online play fully operational, it's not a stretch to say this might be 2008's best fighting game. Some other hot fighters -- notably Street Fighter IV, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and Battle Fantasia -- are on the horizon, but considering how fun Soul Calibur 4 is after a month of nonstop play, I think it'd be hard to top what Namco's accomplished with what is unquestionably their best fighting game to date.



Yes, it's true that Qore will give you access to the upcoming Resistance 2 beta. However, that's not the only way in, according to a recent post by Insomniac's James Stevenson. According to Stevenson, "the best way which will give you the earliest access to the beta will involve a pre-order program that should be announced soon." From the sounds of it, it will be similar to the Metal Gear Online beta test, where users were able to get in if they pre-ordered the game at GameStop.

The beta will expand to "all territories" as well. Obviously, the point of a beta is to check the stability of the network worldwide. Further details on how European fans can get into the beta will be released later.


Prices slashed on 360 hardware, Alone in the Dark, Call of Duty 4 and more
Gamestation has kicked off its 24/7 online sale with a multitude of impressive offers.

New deals are set to be unveiled every hour, and already include a pre-owned Xbox 360Pro console for £129.99. MCV has learnt that other deals to come will include Haze for £19.99 and Halo 3 for just £9.99.

The full list of offers to be unveiled throughout today are as follows:

Burnout Paradise £14.99
Sega Superstars Tennis from £14.99
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (Pre-Owned) £9.99
Rambo £9.99
DS Lite + three Games: Mario Kart, 42 All Time Classics, Brain Training £99.99
Top Spin 3 from £19.99
Grand Theft Auto 4 (Pre-Owned) £24.99
Don King Prizefighter £19.99
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 from £19.99
Super Mario Galaxy £19.99
Halo 3 (Pre-owned) £9.99
Xbox 360 Elite + two Games: Ninja Gaiden 2 and PGR 4 £259.99
Haze £19.99
The Orange Box £14.99
Need for Speed Pro Street £19.99
Kung Fu Panda £14.99
Resident Evil 4 (Wii) £14.99
Alone in the Dark from £17.99
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII £14.99
Xbox 360 Pro (Pre-owned) £129.99
Enemy Territory Quake Wars from £14.99
Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution from £19.99
Ninja Gaiden 2 £19.99
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Pre-owned) £22.99


Ferrari Challenge's Mark Cale really loves PlayStation, it seems. So much so, that his game isn't coming out on Xbox 360. The development team is also working on getting one of the newest PS3 features enabled in the game: Trophies. The racing game, which is currently available in Europe (coming soon for America), is joining the ever-growing list of Trophy-supported games. Speaking in a live Q&A session with Eurogamer's readers, Cale notes that "We're really impressed with what Sony are doing with Trophies, and we'll be making an update available very soon to allow the game to support these features in the future."

Looks like Trophy fanatics are getting a lot of work piling up. With PixelJunk Eden, Uncharted and now Ferrari Challenge added to the mix, Trophy fanatics are going to have a lot of sleepless nights.


beforeThought the previous deal of $42 plus shipping is good? How about $43.99 including shipping for a DualShock 3 controller? Considering it retails for $55, this is pretty awesome. Besides, most games just ain't the same without that rumblin' action going on, catch our drift? Head over to buy.com now for this deal.

Update: Get an additional 5% off with this coupon.


Siren Blood Curse makes its worldwide debut this week, with a Blu-ray release in Japan and PSN releases in both the US and Europe. We maintain that it's incredibly silly to release "episodic" content all at once like this, but at least they've fixed the weird pricing. Taking the plunge on the full game will actually save you £5 or €10. Here's the full release list:

Playable Content

Siren Blood Curse full game (£19.99/€29.99)
Gangs of London full PSP game (£14.99/€19.99)
Echochrome demo (free)
Siren Blood Curse Chapters 1-4 (£6.99/€9.99 each)

Add-on Content

Guitar Hero III "Guitar Virtuoso" track pack (£3.99/€5.99)


E3 PlayStation Family Compilation trailer
E3 Compilation trailer
E3 PSN Compilation trailer
PixelJunk Eden trailer
Linger In Shadows trailer
Movement Episode 2 "Munich" part 2 (8 videos)
Siren Blood Curse "characters" trailer
Siren Blood Curse "Hanuda" trailer
Wallpapers and Themes
PixelJunk Eden "red" wallpaper
PixelJunk Eden "black" wallpaper

Don't forget to keep your eyes out for the American PSN update later today, where a PixelJunk Eden demo will be made available. In the meantime, give Echochrome a go or watch a few trailers. There's plenty of stuff to sink your teeth into, this week.


Video shows a side by side comparison of Soul Calibur IV on the PS3 and X-box 360.


Japanese magazine scan has revealed that R2-D2 from Starwars will be a playable character in the upcoming Soul Calibur IV.
It is unclear from the scan whether R2-D2 will be a system specific character like Darth Vader and Yoda.

Here's a Translation of the Profile of R2-D2 according to the scan.
Age: Unknown
Race: Astromech Droid
Place of Birth: Industrial Automation
Height: 96cm
Weight: Depends on add on gear
Birth Date: Unknown
Blood Type: None
Weapon: Stun Arm, Saber Launcher
Style: J Type Defense Program
Family: Many Others of the same type


See that fast-approaching blur in the rearview? That’s Midnight Club: Los Angeles, about to pull into the garage of an Xbox 360 or PS3 near you. So rather than bore you with a standard hands-on preview, we broke MC:LA into 10 bite-sized chunks of awesome we found impressive. Give it a skim, busy reader. You’re bound to find something that gets your motor a-runnin’.

1. This IS LA...
Like it or loathe it, the photorealistic City of Angels is yours to tear through. Sure, it’s gorgeous, with all the next-gen glitz we’ve come to deserve, but the devil is in the details. As much as we generally bitch about in-game ads, the actual billboards, vendors and landmarks provide authenticity, creating a living, breathing city that, say, Burnout Paradise lacks. Populating the city with actual people doesn’t hurt, either. You can stay in touch with vocal competitors with an in-game cell phone that helps organize events, and there are even pedestrians to avoid. Or not. (“I think I just ran over Harvey Weinstein!”)

On a personal note: During E3, I spent my some real time in LA after my hands-on with Midnight Club and was shocked to find myself recognizing spots from my demo. It’s hard to believe a game could act as a tour guide, but there I was uttering crap like, ”There’s that Coffee Bean I almost crashed into.” and “Oh crap, I’m standing in a shortcut!”

2. LA is f****ing huge!
The ads are just as unobtrusive as the ones in GTA, so before you go screaming about capitalism run amok, understand that they also do wonders for helping you recognize exactly where you are in this sprawling metropolis of a racetrack. Midnight Club’s Los Angeles is roughly the same size as the last game’s three cities combined! Only now, those pesky load times are a thing of the past. If you see some hot-shit wheelman cruising around anywhere, hit him with your brights and cue a race at any time. Which brings us to...

3. Streamlined, baby

We’re not talking about just the cars. Once any challenger pops up on your radar, you flash them with your headlights to start up a race. We spotted a hotrod on the freeway, flashed him, and a high-speed Freeway Race started lickety-split. However, most Street Races require you to zip to a starting location.

Don’t care to race to the race? You don’t have to. You can skip straight to the starting line, although careening to an event location offers more opportunities to gain Reputation points, which are used to unlock tracks, missions, etc. And hey, you don’t have to complete every event to progress, so no pressure.

4. Arcade/Single-Player Synergy
You know the drill: You’ve got a single player campaign that lets you roam around an open-world environment with some story elements for immersion’s sake, and an Arcade mode that lets you jump straight into events. Well, now you don’t have to worry about starting over from scratch in one after playing the other, because they're integrated together. All the money, cars and Reputation points earned in any of the 10-plus race types are transferable to and from either side. Plus, Arcade mode lets you customize stuff like time of day and traffic flow, and there’s a nifty Hollywood-esque cam that throws you seamlessly from a satellite-view into the driver’s seat. Whoosh!

5. Oh yeah! There’s cars.

Carrying over a welcome tradition from Midnight Club: DUB Edition, MC:LA’s got plenty of licensed cars. Forty of ‘em, to be exact, under the categories of Tuner, Muscle, Luxury and Exotic. And as in previous installments, we’re also getting bikes this go-'round.

We got to test-drive an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster (Exotic), and an exquisitely tricked Mazda RX8 “Shinka” (Tuner). But for a more delicious treat for car geeks, we got to paint the pavement with the spiritual twin to Steve McQueen’s ride from Bullitt, a '69 Mustang Boss 302 (Muscle, derr).

6. DUB All-stars
Just because this edition doesn’t come with the legendary custom-car magazine emblazoned across the title, it doesn’t mean they’re not involved. DUB magazine will be contributing as-yet-unnamed whips, tricked out exclusively for Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Downloadable content has never seemed so likely.

7. Gas up
Ordinarily, no one is ever happy to pull up to the pump, but breezing through one of the many stations scattered about LA can repair a damaged vehicle mid-race, as well as refill nitrous. But you’ll have to go back to your Performance Shop for intensive repairs, and/or any fine tuning.

8. Ye Olde Performance Shoppe
Think of Midnight Club’s gas stations as a quick fix, like dressing a wound on the field of battle. But oh, the Performance Shop. Accessible from two garages, this is where you’ll finely hone your vehicle to the highest of specification. Splurge your hard-earned cash on premium parts and tires to enhance performance, or sufficiently pimp your vehicle with the ridiculous amount of cosmetic customization. Spoilers, decals, vinyls - it’s all here. Plus, you can stretch, skew, alter and affix designs to your heart's content.

Even the interior of your car has absurd amount of custom options. Of the numerous camera settings, of course there’s an adequate view from the cockpit. So, if you want a mahogany steering wheel with neon-pink seats, that’s your business, mister.

9. A little bit Special
Midnight Club sits comfortably between hardcore sim and arcade racer, but what else could they do to expand the appeal? Well, MC:LA’s got some field weapons (though luckily nothing as asinine as a blue turtle shell). The three Special Abilities from DUB are returning, only this time they’re interchangeable with any car, one at a time.

To refresh: Zone lets you slow time for impossible weaving, Agro turns your car into a brutal melee weapon, and Roar sends a shockwave that shoves cars off the road. But the newcomer, EMP, gets all technological and emits an electromagnetic pulse that temporarily shuts down the engine any chump unfortunate enough to be around you. It’s like having “the pinch” from Ocean’s Eleven nestled snugly under the hood.

10. Take it online
Since Midnight Club was one of the first console racing games to do the genre justice online, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network support is a given. Rockstar is tight-lipped about how it will take shape - but they’re Rockstar. That’s their nature. However, you can expect the Rockstar Social Club to double in usefulness. The Rate My Ride feature will let you compare and critique customized creations. Particularly jealous of somebody else’s car? Lack any inkling of artistic talent? You can buy designs off other people online using in-game cash.

In case you couldn’t tell, Midnight Club: Los Angeles has us excited. We’ll have more info for that ass as we get closer to the release date; the game streets Oct. 7 in the US, and Oct. 10 in the UK.


Do you think Killzone 2 looks amazing , are you thrilled about the 256 online player mode of MAG , Looking forward to the great gameplay of inFamous , I’m very thrilled to announce that the 3 previous games are NOTHING compared with the new announcement coming on 3 August. On Saturday 26 July i will give you 2 hints. please check back on 3 August… for the announcement and again its a “ New “
Playstation 3 ” exclusive ” , Let the guessing and the waiting game begin ! (game will release late 2009)

PS: i would like to add that this has NOTHING to do with SE’s event on 2-3 August.


We haven't been keeping much tabs on Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli -- a racing title currently out in Europe and soon to release across North America on August 26 -- but we suppose now is a good time to get back to it. It's an especially good time as developers System 3 have released details on its first content pack DLC for the month of August.

The first DLC, priced at £3.99 (sorry no exact Euro price mentioned), will include the German Nürburgring GP-Strecke course and five more Ferrari vehicles: Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari P4, 430 Scuderia, 612 Scaglietti, and the 599 GTB Fiorano. It's currently unknown whether the DLC will be made available for the North American release next month; the downloadable content seems to be Europe-only for now. Other future content is also promised including the following race tracks: Laguna Seca, Daytona, Brands Hatch, Donington, Barcelona, Hungaroring and Suzuka. Monaco will follow in September.

Also, as the North American release draws nearer, thoughts of a demo come to mind. Mark Cale, System 3's boss, had this to say about that: "There are many factors that we need to take into account, and logistically, it's very possible, but I'm afraid we can't confirm anything at the moment."


Jul 23, 2008

You can't really see it in our tiny screenshot above (you'll have to check out the high res version here), but this screenshot details one's personal dossier for the online mode of Killzone 2. It's looking like quite a comprehensive list as you can check out the ribbons and medals you've earned, your attained military rank, and your badge usage in addition to the traditional leaderboard rankings and total games played.

It's all really just stuff we've discussed before in our hands-on with the multiplayer mode. So, you'll probably want to read that again perhaps, but this time with the extra visual aids. To see more shots of the multiplayer mode, click here.


Jul 22, 2008

Additional "spy" photos of the alleged PSP-3000 hardware update that we posted last night have come to our attention, again courtesy of the PSPChina.net message board. These shots show off what appears to be a working prototype of the PlayStation Portable, said to have built-in microphone support, among other alleged new functionality.

Hit the jump for exciting photos of the new thinner PSP ring, another look at the PS button and one more cosmetic change. While you do say, chant "This is a rumor, this is a rumor."

Yes, that's that thinner ring. Again. It's thinner.

This shot of the PS button, the one that supposedly replaces the Home button on the current PSP model, looks noticeably different from what we saw previously. It looks more like the PS button on the SIXAXIS controller and is therefore, more suspect.

That would be some handy iconography stamped on the bottom of the PSP-3000. Answers the question, "What am I sticking these cables in here for?"


Only John Koller knows how serious John Koller, Sony's senior marketing manager for PSP, was when mentioning that GPS-enabled games could eventually hit the PSP, but he definitely threw it out there. Speaking about the forthcoming GPS add-on for the PlayStation Portable, Koller stated that said module "changes the dynamics of GPS but also changes the way developers think about games on PSP, because you can start integrating GPS into it." He continued on by mentioning that Sony's own first-party studios were "already looking at a number of things [involving GPS in games]," and concluded by asserting that a GPS game could land on the system as early as next year. Considering just how long we've been waiting for the add-on, we're not holding our breath on the titles.


Over at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, a man known as David Reeves is in charge. Since E3 has ended, Eurogamer thought it would be nice to catch up with Reeves and grill him with several questions that many consumers are curious about. We'll go ahead and summarize the interview, but if you'd like to read it in full, you're very welcome to do so.

SCEE has only now accepted the 80GB SKU for European territories because it finally reached a price they thought would be acceptable to consumers. This bodes well for the 'console war', but even more importantly, Reeves declares, it can only serve to grow the market even more for everybody. He makes an airplane analogy, too. It's pretty awesome and weaves itself into the rest of the interview. For example, first-party titles are the "landing lights" for the PS3.

European launches, like titles for the PlayStation Network, generally don't release at the same time in the UK and, say, Australia. Reeves says they are working on that and some titles coming up will have much closer releases between the European and Australian areas. Things like Home, he said, are coming along nicely now that they have a more realistic and less idealistic view of how the application should play. All in all, he's got faith that the PS3 is going to see a great second half of the year, it seems. Do you?


We recently went hands-on with Midway's Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, available this fall for Xbox 360 and PS3, and in short, we had a blast.

Only six playable characters were available in the demo: DC characters Batman, Superman and The Flash along with Mortal Kombat brawlers Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade and Scorpion. Each has specific moves that match their unique personalities, such as Sub-Zero's freeze techniques and the Flash's multi-hit speed punch, and to our surprise, the characters are wonderfully balanced. Superman, for instance, has a variety of his super powers, including X-Ray Vision and temporary flight capabilities. However, he's vulnerable to attacks, taking as much damage from projectiles and physical strikes as other characters.

Along with characters from both realms, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe also features familiar locations. One minute, you're fighting in a fiery lava pit in the middle of Outworld. The next, you're in the middle of a destroyed Metropolis, with cluttered buildings and Daily Planet globe in the background. Even better, these stages are multi-tiered, allowing you to knock opponents through walls. One even took us back to the classic "Test Your Might" button-mashing minigame. You ram your opponent through multiple walls, tapping buttons to either maximize or minimize the damage.

Catwoman is back – and she's very naughty indeed. Click to see more images from the game...

Gameplay is very similar to previous MK 3-D efforts, although there are minor improvements. For instance, when you grapple an opponent, the camera zooms in close and lets you duke it out in slow motion. If you're successful, you can get four critical hits on your foe before the view zooms back out. However, if you're on the receiving end, you can time your button presses to perform a quick counter attack called a "Kounter."

Special moves are executed through double-taps and circular motions, along with punches and kicks that you can chain together to form multi-hit combos. In addition, Fatalities will make a return, but in modified form. You won't be able to kill Superman, but you'll be able to knock him into next month. Since Midway wants a Teen rating, don't expect anything gory. To our delight, however, there is blood, staying somewhat true to the MK theme.

When we asked about playable modes, Midway reps only talked about the game's versus action and not the story mode or other minigames. However, previous MK releases have had them, we wouldn't be surprised to see a modified version of Puzzle Kombat or Motor Kombat. Online play should also be available in the final release, along with an expansive roster of characters that includes the sexy Catwoman, the equally attractive Wonder Woman, the vicious sorcerer Shang Tsung and many others. We'd love to throw down with Apocalypse and Goro.

Characters animate beautifully, right down to Superman's flowing cape and Scorpion's hilarious finishing scene where he spears the cameraman, only to drag him over and punch him. Some animations look stiff (particularly with the free-fall fight scenes), but we're confident that Midway will patch them up.

When we first heard about this game, we weren't that excited. However, after playing Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, we can't wait for it to arrive this November. Sure, it doesn't have Fatalities, but the graphics, characters and addictive fighting make it one of 2008's must play games.


What do the Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto and SoulCalibur franchises have in common? All four brought to us some remarkable games that are both innovative and trend setters in the genre. To the delight of gamers worldwide, all four had new releases come out this year too. DMC4, MGS4 and GTA IV received some rave and excellent reviews from every corner in the gaming world. SoulCalibur IV, to the relief of the series’ fans, is following those footsteps as well. Some eye popping graphics bundled with a deep variety of gameplay styles and an extremely appealing modification mode make SoulCalibur IV one of, if not the, best game in the glamorous series so far.

Those who purchased the first game in the SoulCalibur series on the Dreamcast know that what they played on Sega’s console is the best fighting game every created. The game looked unbelievably good back then. The fighting styles and characters’ personal stories were just a few things that kept gamers up for days, battling each other nonstop. The series has been on a decline recently however. It is not like parts II and III were bad or anything, it is just that the first game was so good (Let us call it perfect from now on) that it was nearly impossible to follow it up with anything better. SoulCalibur IV manages to mix some of the best aspects about the original with some innovative and new ideas creating what just might be the perfect fighting experience.

SoulCalibur IV starts off just like all the games in the series with a straight forward menu, a beautiful interactive background and a kick ass intro video introducing you to the SoulCalibur world. For the old time fans, you will have the option to fight it out against a friend, play the arcade/story mode or try out the appealing new mode called the tower of lost souls. New comers might want to try out the training mode first to work on mastering the moves of each character. To improve and win in a game like SoulCalibur you need to pick a character that matches your style of gaming and work on learning that characters’ specific set of moves. Mashing buttons to win might work every now and then, but if you plan on advancing and finishing the game you really need to understand that every button you press matters.

The fighting is split up to many styles and weapons. So your fighting style will change depending on the character you have picked. We do recommend that you try out all styles and characters however. Playing as a huge character with a humongous weapon or a smaller fighter is two completely different styles of gameplay, so different that they could have made two or three games out of SoulCalibur IV alone. There are three areas you can aim for during a fight and those are high, medium and low level targets. Hitting the same target over and over again will result in you breaking the piece of equipment on that specific area (Don’t worry, no nude scenes to look forward to, well unless of course you’re a fan of the SoulCalibur female cast’s unique anatomy in which case you'll be disappointed). You will be causing more damage to your opponent if you hit the equipment-less area. This addition to the gameplay brings up more tactics to the series. Staying put and guarding for the whole match while praying for a ring out is not an option anymore.

SoulCalibur is a fully 3D fighter as you might have figured out. So the movement of the characters and how they look and react is very important to the gameplay. The characters movement is very smooth and the game leaves very little for fighting fans to desire. The number of moves each character poses is huge and the time it will take for you to master them is very long, giving the game a big plus in the value department.

The set of characters is extremely diverse. Take Maxi for example, the fast and active fighter (personal favorite)who will knock you out before you even think twice about your next move. Larger characters such as Nightmare and Rock are also at your disposal. Playing and finishing the arcade mode with each character will reveal some info regarding that specific character. You also have a whole museum filled with unlockables that reveal more and more about the game and series overall. For every fight you play and finish (win or lose) you will rewarded with golden points which in turn can be used to purchase museum’s items, new characters and items to be used in the character creation/modification mode.

The Arcade mode is the same mode you have seen in every fighting game released in the past ten years. Here you will have four stages to beat, each consisting of more than one character for you to take care of. You will be able to choose from two difficulty levels to start with, normal and hard. Both levels are very different. On normal going into a fight while not knowing what or who exactly you are going up against is fine. You can mash some buttons and pray for the best. On the hard difficulty however that won’t cut it. You need to figure out the weak points of your opponent from the first glance and be careful about your moves. You can be aggressive or defensive for example depending on the situation.

The tower of lost souls is the mode we have been busy playing the most since we got our hands on SoulCalibur IV. The tower is made up of 60 levels you can either ascend or descend on. Going up you will have to fight a set of different characters with different attributes and abilities on each level. The first few levels might be too easy, and you will start getting cocky beating up on those poor lizards. Reach some higher levels and experience some of the best fighting you have seen, ever, oh and some of the hardest too. The thing we loved the most about this mode is not how challenging it is or how bad it kicked our asses, it is because how you need to adjust your style for each enemy on hand. You will find yourself going back to training to pick and choose the perfect character and weapon combination for that specific level. Having a solid single player game is one thing many good fighting games have failed to deliver in the past few years, but SoulCalibur thrives on that.

The multiplayer mode does not need any introductions. Invite some friends over and brace yourself for an ultimate evening of fighting and furious competition. Every game to hit the market these days seem to come with some kind of modification/creation mode for you to mess around with. That mode in Soul Calibur though is the best we have seen in a long time. You might not notice anything new, but the level of detail and what you can do with your favorite character is nothing short of fantastic. Using the golden points you gain from the games you play you can purchase new items to dress up your character (or undress him/her if that is your thing). You can even change how the weapons look for each character. Oh and you will also be able to try out the new look in a fight before you confirm any changes. The custom made look will appear as the 3rd option for the character on hand.

The game promises to feature an exciting online mode but sadly and due to some server maintenances issues, the game is not up and alive online yet.

Graphically the game is simply jaw dropping. Even with all the graphical masterpieces we have seen recently, Soul Calibur IV stands out on its own for many reasons. The environments you fight in look fantastic and you just can’t wait for the fight to begin because of how amazing the arenas look during the characters introduction. The characters are fully detailed. Each and every item they carry on, to the hair styles and weapons, it is all just perfectly done. Slowdowns do not exist in any of the game modes we have played in SoulCalibur IV. The cinematic you experience between different stages are worth playing the game for on their own. The menu and presentation style are also very well done with everything clear and waiting for your orders. If you are planning to sell your TV, playing Soul Calibur IV for the buyer might just seal the deal for you. Yes, it looks that good.

The game is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and that is the way it should be played. Every hit, scream and cry will be heard clearly and in timely fashion while you enjoy the battle. The music is not really worth mentioning but that is just asking too much from a fighting game, the dramatic background music is enough to get you in the mood to fight.

Diehard SoulCalibur fans might still not be satisfied with the 4th installment in the series. While they are stuck in the past comparing it to the Dreamcast game, the series have evolved in SoulCalibur IV and yet managed to bring back some key elements we enjoyed throughout the series. You shouldn’t call your game collection a “collection” without a great fighting game on the roster, and SoulCalibur IV fits that title perfectly. And keep all the good stuff we had to say about this game on one side, remember that with the PS3 version you will get to play as Darth Vader himself! So what exactly do you want more in a videogame?


According to forum posters at PSPChina, the long-rumored PSP-3000 in is production and will include a built-in mic, along with minor cosmetic changes.

To substantiate their claims, one of the forum goers supplied a photo of the unit, which depicts a new button with the PS brand logo next to the two volume push buttons, in replace of the HOME button found on the PSP-1000 and 2000 series. To the right of the volume buttons is the microphone.

Again, the validity of these photos is questionable. Take this rumor with a grain of salt, though to be honest the PSP-3000 is more a matter of when rather than if.


It looks like the Resistance 2 ARG (alternate reality game) should be taken quite seriously. An email from getawarjob.com (attached, after the break) sends interested users to yet another site: America First, America Only. The site features some heavy conspiracy theories about the now-familiar "Project Abraham." Each article featured on this printing press can be enlarged, and will undoubtedly give hints to the next step of this massive ARG.

T - E - L - E - C - O - R - R - E - S - P - O - N - D - E - N - C - E

The war department is lying to you –STOP- We have infiltrated their recruitment center and found your enlistment form –STOP- They are not drafting people to protect our borders –STOP- That is what they SHOULD be doing but instead they are gearing up to invade Europe -STOP- We have little to no data on our enemy over there but they will be knocking on our door soon enough – STOP- If we do not protect our shores we might as well surrender now –STOP-

To learn how the so-called experts are trying to save us search out Project Abraham –STOP- We must warn you that it is not a pretty sight –STOP-

Sent from the Alliance for American Autonomy AMERICA FIRST AMERICA ONLY


When SCEE president David Reeves said there were technical problems with WipEout HD, we really didn't know back then what that incurred. Now, according to CVG, the reason as to why the futuristic racer was slightly delayed is because it failed epilepsy testing.

Apparently, the dazzling flashes of ships rocketing at sub-light speeds is too much for those with the medical condition, and the game will be undergoing "re-engineering." It's unknown exactly how long a fix of this nature would take but, as Mr. Reeves had previously said, the game should "come out before the end of the year."


Signal Hill analyst Tom Greenwald commented positively on the pricing strategy of the PlayStation 3, according to Edge Online. He said that "Sony [is] well-positioned for first time since launch" thanks to the 80GB PS3 selling at $399 and "Sony's biggest announcement was a strong counter-punch to Microsoft's $50 price cut on the 360."

Greenwald also mentions what he feels is another advantage Sony holds over the competition: a strong game lineup. He also says that the $399 price point is a great advantage over the competition's similarly priced model, since it comes standard with so many more features. In the end, he's just one analyst -- your personal opinions are always the ones that count the most. Do you think he's got a point?


Well, here it is. The very first real-time screenshot of Zipper's upcoming massively multiplayer PS3 game, MAG. The creators of SOCOM up the ante for their first PS3 game, creating a battlefield that supports 256 players. For now, that's all the info we have. Undoubtedly, we'll find out more before its 2009 debut.


Unload full clips on them busters at an alarming rate with Console Customs Sixaxis and Dualshock 3 controller mod. The tutorial details the necessary steps for old & new [controller] PCB layouts.

Required tools:
Soldering iron (a cheap 15w/30w from radio shack; about $15)
Solder (use rosin core solder from radio shack so there is no need for flux)
Wire strippers (that can strip 30ga wire, a 30ga wire wrap tool from radio shack includes a 30ga stripper $8)
Wire cutters
Hot glue gun
3/16 drill bit (or close to it)
Small pocket knife or razor blade (optional but helpful)

Be warned: using this mod while gaming online is considered cheating; don’t be stupid, play fair.
Proceed with installation at your own risk. PS3 Hacks or Console Customs are not responsible for any damage.

Download: Rapid Fire PS3 Controller Mod Tutorial


Metal Gear Solid creator reveals how he and his development studio got a head start on PS3 development.

In a recent interview with the BBC's Click program, Hideo Kojima, creator of the acclaimed Metal Gear franchise, has revealed that the first few years of development on MGS4 were "trial and error".

"We started to work on Metal Gear Solid 4 four years ago, after finishing Metal Gear Solid 3," said Kojima-san. "At that time we really didn't know what the PS3 was going to be like, so the first two years was all about experimenting, developing and trial and error."

"In the last two years, we've known what the PS3 is capable of, the specifications of it and how we can utilise it," he continued. "PS3 is a monster machine. That's why it took so much time to create Metal Gear Solid 4."

Kojima-san also acknowledged the early access to the PS3 that Sony allowed them because of the importance of the Metal Gear Solid series for the PlayStation brand.

"Since we're developing only for the Sony format, of course Sony has given us a lot of advantage before the actual release of the hardware," he said. "So we had many meetings with them to discuss the specifications. We analysed this black box quite a lot before it was released, and we experimented with it and we gave Sony a lot of feedback."

Metal Gear Solid 4 is currently a PlayStation 3 exclusive, but the recent announcement that Final Fantasy XIII is coming to the Xbox 360 has ignited rumours that it won't be long until MGS4 is also available for the PS3's rival platform.


In a not so recent interview (it has been spotted/in print since April), Haruki Suzaki (project director for Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection) and Ryuichi Enomoto (international sales rep) talk to Filipino gaming mag GamEX Magazine about Tekken 6, which is currently out in arcades. The most important information regarding the game involves Suzaki tentatively revealing that Tekken 6 is due for a December 2008 release worldwide on consoles.

However, when pressed for more information regarding PS3-exclusivity, Suzaki replied "No. It hasn't been determined yet as of the moment ..." The statement -- given how the Tekken series has been strictly placed on PlayStation platforms for the past decade -- raises some eyebrows towards the possibility of Tekken 6 landing elsewhere as well. Suzaki reaffirms that the game is still being primarily developed for the PS3 ... but with that in mind, it sounds like Namco could end up pulling an FFXIII.


Those of you who were on the fence about the Soulcalibur Limited Edition Fighting Stick 3 by Hori last month might want to reconsider the peripheral again: the price has been reduced $8 to $41.99. Not too bad for a newly released product.

We are aware there are some higher-end fighting sticks around, but at this price range, this particular one is unbeatable. With Soulcalibur IV arriving in stores a week from today, order one now and you might just have it ready when you bring the game home.


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